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My Favourite Conditioners For Curly Hair in India

April 26, 2017

Over the course of the years, I have tried several conditioners. Of them, I’ve listed here only my favourites plus one that many curly girls in India recommend. I’ve mentioned the ones that are CG friendly against the name, if you are particular about that, do take note. For those who want to know what the CG method is, check this out: What is the CG Method For Curly Hair? Do I Use This?

Please remember the most important tip, without which no conditioner will really make any impact on your hair, irrespective of what you choose – COMB YOUR HAIR AFTER APPLYING CONDITIONER. Don’t comb it dry.Β 

I will be updating this list of conditioners below as & when I have new favourites. πŸ™‚ If you have any reccomendations on what i should try next, leave a comment below!

  1. The BodyShop Rainforest Moisture (Rs. 795) – CG Friendly
    The first CG friendly product I tried, way back in college. I’m not a huge fan of the smell but since it has no harmful chemicals, I’m willing to overlook the smell. It has decent slip to help remove knots & tangles inside the shower. Leaves hair soft & without buildup!
  2. John Frieda Dream Curls (Rs. 720)
    I do love the combo of the John Frieda Dream Curls shampoo & conditioner. It smells heavenly! This conditioner has great slip & despite it having Dimethicone, my curls were left feeling super hydrated.
  3. Loreal Smooth Intense (Rs. 169) – CG Friendly
    CG Friendly product under 500 bucks!? I couldn’t believe it either! But this is a favourite of the curly girl community. Has really good slip as well, If you’re looking for pocket-friendly products for your curly hair routine, this would be perfect buy!
  4. Enliven Rasberry & Red Apple (Rs. 250) – CG Friendly
    Another crowd favourite. Plus getting 400 ml in just 250 bucks is a great deal. It’s got great slip & is perfect for thinner curls. ItΒ did lead to a teensy weensy extra frizz, but a little bit of my leave in conditioner took care of that. One of my best friends who has short curly hair uses this as an leave in after showering too!
  5. OgX Quenching Coconut Curls (Rs. 688)
    I love love love this! Brownie points for the coconutty tropical smell. Plus the slip is incredible. My sis & mum both have curly hair & they love this too. Transforms my mum’s super dry hair to soft curls. This does have silicone though so if you’re strictly following a CG Friendly routine, don’t buy this one!
  6. OgX Argan Oil of Morocco (Rs. 685)
    Super hydrating, as much as the coconut curls one. Just lacks the tropical smell. If Β you hate coconut, as I’ve heard from many girls who do, this is a great option. Works equally well as the previous conditioner. If you’re in delhi, you can buy them in stores in GK & Defence colony!
  7. Tresseme Flawless Curls Vitamin B1 – (Rs. 1000)
    I saw this in a store in GK & it was Rs. 900 ish. Bought it to try & I’m so glad I did. Unfortunately prices on Amazon & Flipkart fluctuate so zeroing on one price is often difficult. Get it from wherever is cheaper. It’s a huge bottle (946 ml) & has great slip.
  8. Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deeper Moisture (Rs. 595) – CG Friendly
    OMG the slip of this conditioner is brilliant! I’ve been using this consistently for the last couple of months & have had great results with my curls. Literally no frizz. Strongly recommend this, especially for girls in college looking for a pocket-friendly option.

Any favourites that I missed? Comment below to let me know! If you want me to write on something specific, comment below with that too & I’ll get to it!

I post tips & tricks on my instgram @thecuriousjalebi Β along with fellow curly girls in india’s hair routine. Do follow to stay updated!

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