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Top 5 Resources to Help You in Your Wavy Curly Hair Journey

September 12, 2017

Beginning on your curly hair journey does not have to be overwhelming. Check out my top 5 resources toΒ help you in your curly hair journey below!

Naturally Curly, Curly Nikki, Is It CG

  1. Naturally Curly & Curly Nikki

    Naturally curly is THE site where most of us have started. From extensive information on all curly hair types, product reviews to a lovingly built community & forum- I usually find most answers here. Start with finding your texture type, porosity & density with this test.

    I find Curly Nikki to be extremely clear with the purpose of ingredients & it’s effect on curly hair. It’s my go to resource for understanding complicated questions about ingredients.

  2. Is It CG?

    I usually copy paste the ingredients of the products & this site, & besides telling me if it is CG Friendly, it gives me a rundown of all the ingredients in that product I should avoid or enjoy! It also explains why. Handy when you’re living in a tropically diverse country like India where seasons affect the efficiency of a product!

  3. Natural Hair Youtubers/ Instagrammers

    Curly Hair youtubers Instagrammers
    Reading articles is great but there is still so much that can be misunderstood when you are starting out. Watching someone do the steps has to be the easiest way to learn.

    Few of my favourite Youtubers in the curly hair community are:
    Shameless Maya, Bianca Renee, Curly PennyΒ , Jewellianna Palencia &Β Luhsetty.

    Shameless plug-in: The Curious Jalebi is on Youtube too! Check out my video tutorials on how to have a routine under just Rs.500, protect, refresh & deep condition curly hair. Don’t forget to subscribe!

    Few Instagrammers that you should check out (besides mine :P) are @chelliscurls @hif3licia & @abbiecurls

  4. Indian Curly Hair Bloggers

    Indian Curly Hair Bloggers
    We finally have a small but growing group of curly hair bloggers in India now! Check out blogs by Anjana (2C-3A), Asha(3B), Divya(2C/3A), Liz (3A) & find your curly hair twin! They focus on products easily available in India & are amazing, gorgeous women hell bent on helping curly girls love their curls.

  5. Facebook Groups

    Nothing like a forum where the entire community comes forward to help solve your doubts & queries, is there? Some of my favourite groups are Indian Curl Pride, Love YOUR Curls, Curly Girls! – Support Group for Curly / Wavy / Natural Healthy Hair & Curly Girl Experiment, No or Low Shampoo, Silicone and Sulfate Free. Join, introduce yourself & learn every day!

And there you go! These are my favourite go to resources. Do you have something that I should add? Comment below & I’ll add my favourite to this post!

Don’t forget to read myΒ Top 20 Tips to reduce frizz in wavy & curly hairΒ before you go! πŸ™‚

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    September 12, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    This is brilliant, love. Thank You!

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