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The Curious Column: Honest Liz’s Curly Hair Journey & Favourite Products

The Curious Column - Honest Liz

Ready for the 3rd edition of The Curious Column? Today’s post has Honest Liz – Christ lover, content writer & curl enthusiast answer a few (okay many :P) questions! I’ve asked Elizabeth her favourite products, her styling technique & lots more. Check it out below!

When did you start your natural hair journey & what tips would you recommend everyone?

After a L’oreal salon disaster in May 2017, I had to find right methods and the best products to bounce back again. Thank God! I found the CG method from Asha Barrak and Curly Penny and within 3 months there was a phenomenal transformation. I recommend using CG-SAFE products to start your healthy hair journey so this means no compromise – NO parabens, NO silicones, NO alcohol or harsh sulfates!

The Curious Column: Honest Liz

What is the longest you have gone without washing your hair & what products helped you with it?

DAY 6 with no refresh, guys! My HOLY TRINITY products are:

  1. Righteous Roots Oil – for my weekly scalp massages.
  2. Deep conditioning with RAWKYN clay mask – this has been my biggest game changer apart from,
  3. The healing properties of my Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel and hair vitaminsThe Curious Column: Honest Liz

You’ve used several products that most people are unfamiliar with in India – Rawkyn, Bounce curl, righteous roots, whole blends – which products performed well & which failed?

Garnier Whole Blends Legendary Olive Leave-In Conditioner failed. I realized later that leave-ins weigh down low/medium porosity hair, as you can see in my picture below in the blue sari, but in all my other pictures here I used no leave-in and my hair is lighter and bouncier – just the way I prefer them. I wish I had not compromised on this cheap leave-in now because I recently found out it has one drying alcohol – I feel SO bad for even recommending it to people looking for budget-friendly products.

The Curious Column: Honest Liz

Your 3 holy grail products:

I LOVE, LOVE LOVE in this order:

  1. Righteous Roots Oil
  2. RAWKYN clay mask
  3. Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel & Hair Vitamins

I buy all my products from this fantastic UK website, – they deliver within 7 days. Shipping and customs charges are there, but when you look at the total actual product cost, they are WAY cheaper than Amazon.

Your current routine

With 3A hair type and low porosity,

  1. Use clarifying cleanser like Pantene Lively Clean, a silicone-free shampoo.
  2. Shampoo only once a month to remove product buildup.
  3. ACV Rinse once a month after shampoo
  4. Wash and style my hair with warm water– never with cold water.
  5. Use the Hot Head (cap) every time I deep condition for best results.
  6. Cowash once a week with As I am cowash,
  7. Deep condition
  8. Style on soaking wet hair
  9. SOTC with tiny pump of Cantu or RR oil.

Here is my video of how I SOTC :


Product Application

Applying products on soaking wet hair works for me because my products need a LOT of water for better distribution. I rake in my leave-in on wash day but after that, all products are applied with the praying hands’ method for bigger clumps. I use the Denman brush before the gel for defined clumps. Sometimes for LOC method, I like to use RR oil. I never champi. Instead, I do 5-minute nightly scalp massages with a few drops of my favorite RR oil every other day.

REFRESH Products

I refresh on non-wash days to help my curls look as fresh as they were on wash day 🙂 Depending on the frizz, I may or may not use products every day. Sometimes just a little RR oil or other times filtered water and Bounce Curl gel on soaking wet hair. That’s it.

Curly Hair Mistakes you think everyone should avoid:

  1. Don’t brush dry hair.
  2. Do your own research!
  3. Don’t be blindsided with many reviews or what everyone is saying.
  4. Stay with original CG method, don’t modify it. CG Friendly doesn’t always mean CG-SAFE.
  5. Don’t compromise on products. Use healing natural products, even if it costs Rs.500 more than cheap “Friendly” popular products. Cheap products cause hair fall and damage with long-term use. Chuck them away from your life.

I’m not a product junkie and I am certainly not from a rich family. So before I buy, I always research and read as many reviews before making that investment. Yes, investment. Buying natural curly hair products is pricey but only because they have the best ingredients and that’s what I believe my hair needs – not cheap chemical things that cause more hair damage.

Focus on the inside also

I believe you have to focus both on the inside and the outside to get the results you desire. I take Bouncecurl Hair Vitamins, eat more plants, nuts, and two eggs every day. And I drink at least 2 litres of water daily, drink beetroot/carrot juice APART from using the best natural products.

The Curious Column: Honest Liz

Any tips for mums with curly hair toddlers?

Your children will get their inner voices from what you say to them. Don’t shame them for their naturally curly hair, and don’t subject them to painful brushing to “make hair straight”. Refer to mistake #1 – Don’t brush dry curly hair! Curly Hair is beautiful, and it is God’s gift to your child, so take care of it for them. Your curly kids will grow up loving their curly hair and have better self-esteem and confidence because of it. Use CG-SAFE products for your tots!

I want to add: Don’t be discouraged when nothing seems to work, do your research and find your curl twin so you can find the right products to work perfectly for your hair type and porosity. And, when you find great products and methods, share the love! Only empowered women, empower women! 😍

Thank you Liz for sharing! You can follow her on Instagram, Facebook & Youtube – she welcomes any & all questions about faith, hair care, babies & marriage. 

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    Vandana Santosh

    Hi .. My daughter has curly hair.. but very frizzy. what are the products that can be used which dont burn a hole in the pocket..And keeps her hair soft and curlicious .. !! Thanks in advance ,,

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    fantastic! I like the idea of hair vitamins! no harm done in trying them!

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