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Hurray! I’ve Crossed 1 Lakh Views on Youtube!

December 8, 2017


Hi peeps! I know a new post on the blog has been a long time in the making. I got incredibly busy with work and travel (vacay to goa & kolkata!) the last month and the break was sorely required. But I’m coming back to the swing of things now (more frequent posts coming!) & one of the first things I noticed was how The Curious Jalebi family on Youtube has grown! We’ve crossed 2000 subscribers last month & 100000 views!!

Thank you to each reader here for making this happen! Your views, comments & shares have helped several more curly hair girls come back to me with happy messages, of them loving the hair they’ve always had but never knew how to take care & appreciate. It is one of the few things in my life right now that is driving contentment & satisfaction at the end of the day & for that, I am deeply grateful.

Looking back, the first video- My Curly Hair Routine (video above) at that time (I wasn’t on a CG routine before) I put up onΒ Jan 26, 2017 (just 10 months ago!) was not to my liking. In fact I posted about it with apologies to my small social media family on accounts of the poor lighting & voice quality. Something a close friend berated me on later, an important lesson on not pointing out flaws that most people won’t even notice & that I shouldn’t be apologising for putting out my best effort in the first place. That video has now crossed 43 k views!

After that, I posted a couple of more videos covering the basics of curly hair care- Curly Hair Routine Under Rs.500, Deep Conditioning, Protecting Curls at Night, Refreshing them every day so you don’t need to wash them everyday, etc. With each video, the edits and shooting got better! I’m glad I have learnt so much in the last year & I know I will even more in the coming year.

Sometimes, it’s signs of growth like this that push you out of a block. Which means? More videos! πŸ˜€ I’m motivated to put my updated curly hair routine with tips for winter.Β  If you haven’t already, subscribe to my channel here & check out all the previous videos. You might find mistakes you’re making in your routine or find news techniques to try. Until next time, and thank you again! <3



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