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Brown Curly Hair Bloggers You NEED to Follow on Instagram

May 3, 2018
Brown curly hair bloggers

A few years ago,when I would google ‘Indian curly hair’, the only links that would pop up were companies selling ‘virgin’ Indian hair for weaves and wigs (India is the largest exporter), forget brown curly hair bloggers.

It was very disappointing to not find representation. Especially considering the cultural connotations in South Asian diaspora about curly hair are very different. And people in India, Pakistan, Bangaldesh at that time had NO special products for wavy or curly hair – unless you counted Livon (serums) and smoothening treatments as solutions. All the products other natural hair bloggers would recommend wasn’t in my reach!

Now, things have REALLY changed! From many bloggers, YouTubers and microbloggers, there are some wonderful brown women now who are doing their best to spread the word. It is so comforting and motivating to find people who are struggling like you so along with empathy, it gets easier to find solutions.

In this post, I have included some amazing south Asian women, from India, Pakistan, UAE, USA and more who you should definitely give a follow. Check out their tips, their videos and help them (and I :P) to reach more brown women so that they start LOVING their hair.

PS – While doing this, I do acknowledge and owe my gratitude to many incredible, strong African american women whose videos and posts helped me learn about and love my curls. Your movement has helped so many women across the world, so thank you. 🙂

Gorgeous, Brown Curly Hair Bloggers You NEED to Follow

1.  Asha- @rightringlets


Am I correct in saying she is the FIRST Indian blogger who started talking about taking care of curly hair? From posts and video tutorials to a FB group (Indian Curl Pride) that has now more than 15 k women of Indian women with wavy and curly hair, her efforts have helped me and so many others. I also have a post featuring her in The Curious Column that you should read!

Her Blog

Youtube Channel

2.  Anajana- @curlsandbeautydiary


Ayyy! When I found Anjana’s blog almost 2 years ago- I was wonderfully surprised. There were extensive posts on curly hair techniques and many reviews on products you could get easily in India. Also, don’t you agree that she has such beautiful wavy hair? Another fact then that I loved about her was that she used sulphates in her shampoos with no guilt – I was following a similar routine then and liked knowing I wasn’t alone in my method.

Her Blog

Youtube Channel

3.  Elizabeth, @honestlizhere


I admire Liz’s determination, in-depth research and how she single–handedly grew her community of curly hair women across the world in such a short time. She is very enthusiastic for hunting and trying out different techniques, trends and products and is also now running her own store (Honest Products) to get more curly hair products to people in India. She is also a strong advocate of using all natural, high-quality products for curly hair care.

Her Blog

Youtube Channel

4.  Divya @curlacious


One of the sweetest woman I’ve come across here on IG! Like Anjana, she has plenty of posts on taking care of curly hair in India with products you can find easily without spending a lot of money. If you live in areas with high humidity, don’t hesitate to shoot her questions as she manages her long curly hair in Chennai!

Her Blog

5. Angela @straycurls


I spotted one of her hilarious, heart-warming comics on having curly hair some time ago.  I am so glad I came across her! From her advice on blogging, sharing ideas we could do together to simply being there for each other when the pesky Instagram algorithm hit our accounts –  Angela has become a dear friend. For when you need a laugh or some inspiration to push yourself creatively, you won’t regret following her and her comics!

Her blog

6. Disha @thatsassycurl


Besides beautiful pictures of her long curly hair, nicely shot amongst pretty trees, gardens and roads, watch out for her #sassyhairfood posts. I strongly believe that more than products, a well balanced diet and optimum nutrition is neccessary for reducing hair fall so I look forward to those posts from her. She also articulates her opinions well and advocates a pocket-friendly routine.

Her Blog

7.  Ayesha @spisha


I was in pure awe and slight disbelief when a year ago, I found her picture on Instagram. Gorgeous to boot, her waves were NOTHING like I’d ever seen before. Many people did not believe her hair was natural, and she started her channel to prove them wrong. Thanks to them, there is now an awesome channel with tips on how she maintains that thickness and bounce for all of us to learn from. She is now repping brown girls on curl-meet up’s, being interviewed by buzzfeed – 3 cheers to your journey ahead Ayesha!

Youtube Channel

8. Heeral @thecurlistmanifesto


Heeral is whom I got introduced to think dirty (an app for finding out how natural or toxic a product is) and several brands of curly hair and beauty products that are safe, environmental friendly and non-toxic. I feel light just looking at her feed, haha! 😀 If you want to take care of your natural hair without leaving a big footprint, definitely check out her recommendations. Plus, her writing skills that I’ve seen from her posts are en pointe!

Her Blog

9. Deepika, @desicurly


New kid on the block! Well, not technically. 😛 Deepika has been a moderator on the Indian Curl Pride for a while now. I’m glad she has finally started her own page! She has a lot of experience with different products so you can ask her if you are new to curly hair techniques and have any doubts. I also hope she posts more hairstyles!

10. Komal @curlykomzy


Komal is South-Asia’s FIRST deva-curl inspired stylist and the admin behind another popular FB group Curl Talk Pakistan. Members of that group follow strict CG routine (no shampoo) so if you’re in the same boat but unable to figure out how to start or deal with co-washing, you know where to join! I also featured her in my last edition of The Curious Column so if you’re interested in her tips (they’re really good), don’t miss reading that article.

11. Suma, @curliebeaux


I agree with liz on this, Suma will be incredible in a film. Besides healthy, long curly hair, she has lovely videos on make-up and skin care that will suit Indian, dusky skin tones. She also isn’t afraid to experiment. From her video celebrating Mahanti Savitri Garu ( South Indian film actress) to JLo inspired hair styles, this girl has a tendency to surprise you!

Youtube Channel

12. Shivani, @all.about.curls


If you were struggling to find more wavy hair bloggers (I have one more 2 spots below), do check this out! She has long hair with light waves – a feat that isn’t easy unless you understand just how much product you need to use. I also understand how one feels when you find people with similar hair texture as yours since there are many in natural hair. So pop up on her IG is you are in the same boat!

13. Pavithra, @purelycurlie


LOVE DIY-ing your way to healthy hair? You will like Pavithra’s posts! Cool beer rinses, detox masks, Guava leaf tea rinse as a leave in,  curlporn and her outfits – Pavithra is inspiring many women with her posts!

14. Meher, @wiggly_wiggles


Meher is another old friend from when I had just started blogging. She posts mostly posts about her beautiful outfits, personal style and some cheeky Vlogs. She has a low maintenance, fuss-free routine for her curls plus look at that gorgeous, hair colour!

15. Neha @_nehabharadwaj_


I told you I had another wavy curly hair blogger on this list! She has her routine and tips on her channel for girls with light waves like her. I also LOOOVE her illustrations and comics – sweet and sensitive and so beautifully drawn!

Youtube Channel

16. Greeshma, @curlygurly2017


Imma let the video above do the talking for this one. Incredible right!??? Across IG, it is her videos I have been unable to stop watching on repeat. Healthy, lush and long with a simple curly hair routine is her mojo.

Youtube Channel

17. Shibani, thecurlybookw0rm


Shibani loves colouring her curls and keeping them healthy. If you wanted to or have coloured your natural hair but are struggling to get the bounce back, DM her for tips or watch her curly hair routine on her channel. She is a voracious reader and reviews her favourite books too. So if you’re a bookworm like her and me, go check her videos out and subscribe to her channel!

Youtube Channel 

18. Pallavi, @thecuriousjalebi


AYYY! Here’s a shameless plug-in! This is yours truly on a good hair day. I blog about curly hair too so follow me maybe? 😛 You can also subscribe away to my channel mentioned below. #NoShameIKnowMyPostsAreGood

Youtube Channel

‘Whew! Did I miss anyone? Comment and let me know their Instagram or Youtube channel and I’d love to check it out! I hope you enjoy following all of these inspirational women mentioned above and double tap their pictures to show support. Who knows, with your support, one of their posts manages to reach someone frustrated with her hair and she begins to enjoy her hair like we do.

And if you’re new to curly hair care, do check out this post: Curly Hair Tips For Beginners

Until next time. Jalebi out!

  • Reply
    Angela @ Stray Curls
    May 4, 2018 at 8:48 am

    Ahhhhh, I love most of these women. 😀 Including you of course. I’m going to take a peek at everyone’s blog/channel. This is so much fun. You should make more of these roundups!

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja
      May 7, 2018 at 10:38 am

      Love you back! Yes, planning to! <3

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