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What You Need to Know about Quinn Curly Hair Journal

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Are you a beginner who has just discovered the Curly Girl Method but feel confused and overwhelmed?

Do you have questions like

Is this product CG Friendly?

Which conditioner should I get?

I have wavy hair, do I need to use both leave in conditioner and cream?

I don’t know if my routine is working. πŸ™Β 

My hair is not curly like yours, what should I use?

Chances are if you are new to this world of wavy and curly hair care, it is easy to feel lost and alone when you start.

My goal through this blog has always been to simplify wavy and curly hair care.

I keep asking myself- how do I get newcomers to feel more confident with their routine, understand what is working and isn’t?

I strongly believe that a big part of this journey is experimentation and that’s why it’s very important to keep track of your results.

And the best way to know what suited your hair, what results you liked the most- is through journaling.

Now while the notes app is enough for some, it isn’t easy. Which is why most beginners don’t or give up journaling their results quickly.

That is why I am excited to introduce you guys to Quinn Curly Hair Journal- the world’s first app for the Curly Girl Method.


Thank you to Quinn for sponsoring this post and supporting a fellow curly content creator! Rest assured I only agree to collaborations If I genuinely like the product. To do so otherwise is self-sabotage πŸ˜› I treasure the trust you all place in me and don’t take it lightly.

Let’s get to the review!

Quinn Curly Hair Journal

Quinn Curly Hair Journal

Quinn came to life when another curly hair founder got sucked into reddit and blogs and discovered this crazy world of ours.

He soon realised with his co-founder, the need to create an app and space where curly hair people who follow the CG Method can

  1. Check if products are CG approved

  2. πŸ“… Document their hair journey

  3. πŸ‘‹ Learn from their hair twins

Now Quinn is a 10,000 strong (and growing) community of women with natural hair across the world!

These women share authentic reviews and their daily routines so that they can track their transformation and make better, informed choices of products.

Let me take you through the features I really liked.

Check if a product is CGM (Curly Girl Method) approved

Quinn Hair app screenshot

Quinn has a database of 12,000 products from curly hair brands across the world.

I know its difficult to remember all the ingredients you must avoid- just look up the product here if you’re not sure if it’s free of sulphates, silicones, etc.

You can also find out if it has glycerine or protein.

They also have the full ingredient list, if you nerd out about such stuff like me!

Below this is a tab called Journeys that shows pictures and detailed routines of people who have used that product.

Scroll through and see the results people with different hair types got. Take note and experiment!

Document Your Hair Day on Quinn Curly Hair Journal

Quinn Curly Hair Journal Screenshot

When you start your journey, you will have a day in the month or the week when you will clarify, deep condition, co wash etc.

Each of these can change your results- let’s not forget the humidity and wind!

So next time you wash your hair or refresh it, just upload a picture or video of the results on Quinn.

Select the relevant tags (wash day, refresh, deep conditioning day), let it preload the weather data according to your location and add the product list.

Keep doing it to realise what type of result you like the most.

If you do this consistently, you will find a pattern about what suits your hair type.

Soon, you will be able to track your progress– it’s harder to see & believe a transformation when it’s happening slowly!

Also, you can set reminders and the app will notify you when it’s time to do something specific!

Find your Hair Twins

Quinn Hair app twin

The reason I created a separate section for wavy hair on the blog is because beginners think all natural hair is the same. So if they follow my routine, they will get results like me.

That is not true! There are different types of natural hair and each type has it’s own quirks. Some hair types get easily weighed down and some need rich products to reduce frizz.

So if you think no one has hair like you, go ahead, prove yourself wrong by exploring on Quinn.

Search by hair properties like Type, porosity, density, thickness etc.

Find people who have hair like yours. See what they use and how – this information will help you far more than randomly figuring out on your own.

Look out for their styling techniques in particular. How they apply products could be the very thing your hair will love.

Is there anything better to know you’re not alone in your struggles or successes?


It is easy to get lost scrolling through beautiful reels on Instagram.

It has also become a trend for brands to send products in exchange for a review. And not all of these are labelled as ads or gifted.

So to find genuine reviews of curly hair brands is getting more difficult. Amazon reviews don’t paint a fair picture either.

I know many people find Reddit’s UI and UX unfriendly and clunky and not visually appealing.

In comparison this app is made for visual comparison and progress along with honest, genuine reviews.

Their co-founder, Mohit Kinra, told me that this authenticity drives their brand.

Their aim is to educate and inspire those with textured hair, all in one app.

So find successful (and failed!) washdays of women across the world. Get inspired or comment reassuringly for someone facing the same issue as you.

After all, each of us can uplift the other and make it easier at the beginning. πŸ™‚

Ready to get started? Download Quinn Curly Hair JournalΒ here.

You can also check Quinn on Instagram and follow me there as well for more tips.

Jalebi out!

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