Curly Hair Care

Hey you, welcome to my blog!

If you’ve landed here to learn how to take care of your dry, frizzy hair, you’re in the right place.

I’ve struggled, like you, all my life because I didn’t know how to take care of my curls.

I brushed it dry, straightened it with chemical treatment & flat brushes because of that I lost so much of my hair, my money & my peace!

Until I came across the Curly Girl Method & learned the exact tips to transform my hair from dry to moisturised, brittle to strong & frizzy to bouncy curls.

I will write all I know to help you in *your* journey in this section of the blog.

I would recommend you begin by reading this page first – START HERE – it has the top posts every beginner should read. You can then come back here to browse more posts!

I promise- there is nothing quite like loving what you were born with. All it needs is a little effort and love.

Good luck on your natural hair journey!

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