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Some years ago I opened Instagram & found out that my account was hacked.

I was incredibly upset– I worked really hard for two years to build my account.

Back then, getting quick support from Facebook was next to impossible. I was truly in despair.

It took me a few days and some random way I found tinkering around but I got back access to my account.

Whew! I was so relieved. You have no idea!

I told myself then that I will get my followers on my social media to sign up for my emailers. But like how resolutions disappear when crises pass- I never followed through.

Last year when TikTok was banned– I again realised how important it is to be in touch with readers like you on my own real estate, i.e, my own website and to not be dependent on any 3rd party provider. 

Presently, there is chatter on social media that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Whatsapp could get banned. Now while I find that very hard to believe– I’m going to go ahead and ask you to sign up below.

By signing up, you will hear from me and get notified on my blog posts, video tutorials and product reviews directly.

I will land in your inbox once in a while with only valuable info- I promise not to spam!

I’m also planning a pretty epic giveaway that will be exclusively for my email subscribers so you don’t want to miss that!

So simply enter your details below if you want to join the Jalebi tribe-

Once you sign up, check your inbox and there will be a mail from me asking you if you’re sure you really want to hear from me.

Press confirm and you’re done!

I will announce the details of my giveaway soon so stay tuned to my email!


Hoping this panic is not required,



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