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Struggling with Your Waves? Take Tips from These Amazing Wavy Hair Care Bloggers

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Let’s face it – I don’t have wavy hair and while I have a basic idea, it cannot substitute advice from someone who has wavy hair and grooms it to it’s best health.

So many of you who come to me actually have gorgeous waves or angelic loose curls just hiding and try out my exact routine, but don’t like the results!

Some of it comes from confusion – mistaking your hair as curly, not wavy and not seeing the same results reflected in your hair.

A lot of it comes from following the wrong tips and styling methods – wrong for your hair type, that is.

So, I decided to DM some of my favourite wavy hair care bloggers who are inspiring women everyday with their posts filled with tips and video tutorials and asked them for two things –their top tips on taking care of waves that is different from curly hair routines and their Top 5 Wavy Hair Products!

Ps – Not sure what hair type you have? Read this post – Different Types of Natural Hair


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Let’s begin!

Dominique from @Powerdomi

My top wavy tips would be to understand the importance of clarifying build up (using a clarifying shampoo) and using wavy-friendly techniques that don’t break up clumping, like squishing products in instead of raking them through.

Favourite Products- Products I love that are light weight and great for MY waves are

  1. Giovanni Cosmetics Direct Leave In Conditioner (India) (USA)
  2. Floracurl Clay Wash (India) (USA)
  3. Boucleme Gel (USA)
  4. As I Am Coconut Cowash (India) (USA)
  5. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioner (India) (USA)

Okay so you can’t be on Instagram and not have stumbled upon her page.

It’s packed with beautiful, helpful video tutorials and tips on washing, styling and she is quite the celebrity in the wavy hair commnunity.

Follow her on Instagram here and don’t forget to follow her styling methods to see some insane shine and clumping!

Alyson from @Reallifecurlygirl

My tip would be to not rush the drying or diffusing process. Rushing it can undo all the good things you put in place with your cleansing and hydrating techniques, and the great products you chose.

Favourite Products-

  1. Bounce Curl Clarifying Shampoo which is safe enough for every day use (India – Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  2. The Bounce Curl Conditioner (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  3. Bounce Curl Creme Gel (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  4. Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo for the fresh start we all need occasionally (India) (USA)
  5. Curl Junkie Repair Me (India) (USA) OR Jessicurl Deep Treatment to follow up the clarifying session (India) (USA)

I also have a detailed interview with Alyson on the blog that you should check out here – The Curious Column with Alyson.

And her Youtube videos for wavies are legendary. Honest, casual and packed to the brim with helpful information.

See more on Instagram and her Youtube Channel!

MaryAnn from @Goodgravyitswavy

Avoid too much raking or brushing waves because some wavy curls go straight and fall out of their “curl families” (the other hairs around them with the same curl pattern that all curl together for support).

Use lots of water with styling if you want to have clumps and definition. Sometimes I’ll apply all my stylers, and then spritz even more water on my hair to scrunch it all in and bring back my clumpiest, waviest waves!

Avoid heavy moisturizers like butters and heavy oils (Shea butter, mango seed butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, etc) as they coat the hair and give it shine… but also build up on the hair shaft. Look for lighter moisturizing ingredients like fatty alcohols, aloe, honey, and flax seed.

Lastly, try diffusing. A diffuser won’t give straight hair curl, but it absolutely will help your waves hold their shape while they dry giving you bouncier, curlier, more defined waves.

Favourite Products –

  1. Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo (India)(USA) (slightly in the clarifying side) and the Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner (very moisturizing without being heavy) (India) (USA)
  2. Derma E Scap Relief Shampoo and Conditioner if you have any itchy, oily or dry, dandruff prone scalp. The shampoo is slightly clarifying but the conditioner has amazing slip and is also very moisturizing without being heavy (India) (USA)
  3. Favorite deep conditioner: Jessicurl Deep Conditioning Treatment. Even though it has some Shea Butter I’ve never noticed it weigh my hair down when I use heat with the treatment and rinse well afterwards (India) (USA)
  4. Favorite foams/mousses: Dippity-do Girls with Curls Curl Boosting Mousse (India)(USA), Giovanni Hair Styling Foam (India)(USA)
  5. Favorite gels: Aussie Instant Freeze Gel (India) (USA), and Giovanni LA Naturals Styling Gel (India)(USA)
  6. I also love Mop Top Curly Hair Custard (India)(USA) as a single styler or with one of the above mentioned gels on top, or a mousse paired with Curl Keeper Original (my ultimate holy grail – but you have to use this generously) (India) (USA)

I have caught myself staring at her hair 360* videos – she has gorgeous hair. Give her a follow in Instagram here to learn more of her deeply insightful tips and reviews!

Bekah from @Wavywurly_bobogurly

I try to scrunch as I complete every step of my wash and style to restore my curl pattern. And, to avoid excess weight of product I always apply my products, then I towel scrunch to remove all of the excess.

For hold I go back with a bit more of my gel. As a result, I get the best balance of weight.

Favourite Products-

  1. MopTop Curly Hair Custard (India) (USA)
  2. Bounce Curl Hair Spray (India) (USA)
  3. Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel (India) (USA)
  4. Hair of Nature Healthy Hair Oil (USA)
  5. My Soigne Flax Seed Gel (India) (USA)

I loved her Curl Tip Tuesdays and I’m sure you will too! She’s also been a CG follower for 13 years!! You know she must have gone through all the issues we face in our journey so be sure to follow her for more content here.

Lulu from @Curlicue_lu

Raking product into my hair tends to kill my waves. I tend to get better clumps by scrunching or using ‘Praying Hands‘.

Diffusing makes a big difference in the amount of wave I get. When air-drying, the weight of the water can easily pull my hair straighter. For longer wavy hair, use a diffuser with a deep bowl so as not to smash the waves which can cause wonkiness.

Squish to condish! Ok, this one is great for lots of curl types, but it has transformed my waves and the health of my hair! Squishing water and conditioner into the hair provides lasting moisture and great curly or wavy clumps!

Favourite Products-

  1. Bounce Curl Medium Moisture Shampoo
    (IndiaUse my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  2. Bounce Curl Cream Conditioner
    (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  3. Curls Blueberry Bliss Leave-in- Conditioner
    (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  4. Bounce Curl Gel
    (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  5. My fave deep conditioner is a mix of the DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture (India) (USA) and Devacurl Deep Sea Repair (India) (USA)

Such THICK, beautiful wavy hair! Just play that video I’ve linked below her name to see. She also posts many helpful video tutorials that you should definitely follow on her Instagram!

Inge from @Ingecurls

My favorite tip is doing a pre-poo! In other words, it’s an oil treatment done before you shampoo and condition your hair.

After a pre-poo treatment you should notice soft & shiny locks. Making prepoo a part of your regular routine will show great improvements to your hair’s texture and sheen.

Another thing that works for me is the Pixie Curl method of diffusing. In this you diffuse your hair in sections.

Diffuse once section for 30 seconds – 1 minute, then turn the dryer off before you move to the next section. Then switch the diffuser on again and repeat for all of your hair.

This keeps the hair from blowing around too much and reduces frizz.

Favourite Products-

  1. Bounce Curl Clarifying Shampoo
    (IndiaUse my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  2. Bounce Curl Cream Conditioner
    (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  3. Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel
    (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide)(USA)
  4. Curls Leave-in-Conditioner Blueberry Bliss
    – Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  5. Righteous Roots Oils- Rx Growth Serum
    (India) (USA)

Something I loved about her profile was her collage based posts where you can visually & instantly see the difference in results with different techniques. Check out more on her IG here!

Lauren Marie from @Wavytwistycurly

Moisture is absolutely KEY! Waves need lots of moisture & TLC to reach their full potential.

It’s crucial to add more water to your hair after you’ve applied your leave-in & before you apply your gels. I rake in my leave-in on damp hair, and then I flip over and re-wet the hair with a spray bottle until it’s DRIPPING wet.

Scrunching my gels into VERY wet hair helps the gel to get fully distributed, and for the curls to incorporate lots of product AND water into themselves.

Give your curls a break from time to time! I do a very minimal refresh using Witch I Love Your Hair on non-wash days.

I do not like to fully re-wet my hair, unless it’s wash day! I’ve noticed that my BEST wash days come after letting my hair just “be” for 3-4 days – let the curls get stretched out, and let the hair rest.

Waves can become overwhelmed or weighed down easily – taking a break helps prevent those conditions!

Favourite Products-

  1. Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel (regular hold) (India) (USA)
  2. Jessicurl Spiralicious Gel (India) (USA)
  3. Giovanni direct leave-in conditioner (India) (USA)
  4. Not Your Mother’s Naturals Conditioner with Not Your Mother’s Matcha & Wild Apple Blossom (India) (USA)
  5. Witch I Love Your Hair! Magic Mist (USA)

I think I can play a game of ‘Where’s the frizz’ with her pictures and loose, spectacularly. Her shiny, reddish-copper waves is beautiful, no? Learn more about her wavy hair journey here!

Chaitanya from @Kuttymeow_7

Raking doesn’t work for me & most wavies – Plopping or Praying Hands is the best usually. 

Wavy hair also generally requires lesser amount of moisture so heavy products with Shea butter or coconut can weigh them down.

Therefore, if you are just starting your natural hair journey, start with lighter products and then add strong hold gels that will enhance the curl pattern.

Favourite Products-

  1. Shampoo – Devacurl Low Poo (India) (USA), Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Shampoo (India) (USA)
  2. Conditioner –Devacurl One Condition Original (India) (USA), Shea moisture Fruit Fusion Coconut Water Conditioner (India) (USA), Giovanni Max Volume Conditioner  (India) (USA)
  3. Leave in Conditioner – Curly Ellie Leave in Conditioner (India) (UK), Curls blueberry Bliss leave-in-conditioner (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA), Rio Mist (India) (USA)
  4. Curl Enhancer –Curl Keeper Original (India) (USA), Jessicurl Rockin Ringlets (India) (USA) and Jessicurl Confident Coils together (India) (USA), Mielle Babassu Curl Cream (USA)
  5. Gel – Aussie Instant Freeze Gel (India) (USA)Bounce Curl Cream Gel (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA), Ashba Botanics Curl Defining Gel (India)
  6. Deep Conditioner- Rawkyn Green and Rawkyn Red (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  7. Curl Cream – Arata (India– Use my code CURIOUSARATA for 15% OFF for orders equal/above Rs.999)
  8. Hair Mist- Witch I Love Your Hair (USA)

An Indian wavy! This gorgeous, sweet-heart of a girl is so incredibly helpful and kind. She helps other wavies in India with her tips and shares her results on her Instagram here.

Megan from @Wavycurlychronicles

Less is more with products. Hard hold gels often look nice at first, helping encourage ringlets but they weigh most waves down causing them to actually lose hold as the day goes on, leaving stringy and/or puffy hair.

You can get a good cast from medium and light hold gels, and a few spritzes of CG friendly hairspray can help keep things defined all day.

Also co-washing isn’t for most wavies. Yes it helps maintain moisture but wavies are easily weighed down and require more frequent cleansing than curlies.

Don’t be afraid to wash your hair with gentle lathering shampoos! You may need to clarify more often than your fellow curlies too!

Favourite Products-

  1. Biolage Conditioning Balm
    (India) (USA)
  2. Curlkeeper Treatment Shampoo
    (India) (USA)
  3. Jessicurl Spiralicious
    (India) (USA)
  4. Moptop Medium Hold Salon Line Gel
    (India) (USA)
  5. Righteous Roots Oil
    (India) (USA)

Megan doesn’t faff around – just take one look at her Instagram and you’ll find video posts, tutorials and product reviews that are written really well. Check out more posts here!

Jessica from @TheLazyWavy

Deep conditioning on dirty hair and then shampooing and conditioning as normal had really helped me.

I don’t like getting in and out of the shower, so it prevents having to do that, but it’s also good for my low porosity hair.

Since I’m shampooing it out afterwards, it doesn’t weigh my hair down.

And when I deep condition like that, I’ll massage the conditioner into my scalp to help with winter dryness and itchiness.

Favourite Products-

  1. Innersense Hydrating Hairbath (shampoo)
    (India – Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  2. Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Gel (original, not hard hold)
    (India) (USA)
  3. Innersense Hydrating Conditioner
    (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)
  4. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic
    (India) (USA)
  5. Innersense I Create volume
    (India– Use my code CURIOUS10 for 10% OFF sitewide) (USA)

Want more tips like this? Follow her on IG here.

I love the length of her hair and the colour – burnished red.

She carries it really well and her tips and posts are simple to follow and try on your own. Don’t forget to giver her a follow here.

Divya from Curlacious_blog

My tip would be to scrunch, scrunch, scrunch! Make sure your hair has a lot of water while apply any of the products, leave in conditioner as well as gel.

Also, doing a timely protein treatment is your best friend! This can be life changing or say wave changing for some! 🤣

Favourite Products-

  1. Shampoo- Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo (India) (US)
  2. Conditioner- Loreal Smooth Intense Conditioner (India) or Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner (India) (US)
  3. Curl enhancer: Kinky Curly Curling Custard (India) (US)
  4. Gel- Set Wet Ultimate Hold Gel (India) or Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel (India) (US)
  5. Deep Conditioner: Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Aloe mask (India) (US) or Sheamoisture Deep Treatment Mask (India) (US)

Divya is one of the oldest CG bloggers in India. I love her honest reviews and her goregous saris that she pairs with lovely hairstyles.

Follow her for pocket-friendly routines, tips and more here!

Marisa from @Marisascurls

Raking doesn’t work for my wavy loose curls- it causes them to become stringy, flat and less curly.

Praying hands and scrunching are much more curl enhancing for me.

And, Deep conditioning is totally essential to having healthy and defined curls- weekly is ideal but at the very least once a month.

Favourite Products-

  1. Garnier Ultimate Blends Almond Crush conditioner (US)
  2. Mahogany Naturals Coconut Water Restorative Mask (India) (US)
  3. Olew Original Hair Oil (UK)
  4. Pantene Defined Curls Mousse (India) (US)
  5. It’s a toss up between Aussie Instant Freeze Gel (India) (USand Giovanni LA Naturals Styling Gel (India) (US)

There are almost 700 posts for #MarisasRefresh on Instagram – that is how popular her method for refreshing waves on day 2,3 is. Do check her tips out and try them for longer, prettier wash days!

Follow her on Instagram here.

And done! I hope this post along with – How to start CG Method for Wavy Hair helps you learn more about your waves and loose curls!

Learn to embrace your texture and experiment – you new know what method of the ones I’ve linked above can work for you.

Until next time! Want to be updated about my next post? Follow me on Instagram here and check out my Youtube tutorials here! If you have any doubts, feel fry to drop by in my private coaching group on Facebook – Ask Jalebi.

Jalebi Out!

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