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What Everybody Should Know About Arata Hair Gel | My Review

Arata Hair Gel Review

LOVE DIY flaxseed gel but don’t have  the patience or the time to keep making it every week? You’re going to LOVE the Arata Hair Gel! In the hunt for inexpensive, alcohol-free, silicone-free products we can often compromise on other ingredients, which can make them harmful to use continously. That’s not the case with Arata Zero Chemicals.

Like their name claims, they create 100% plant sourced, cruelty free products. They have lip balms, face washes, bodywashes and more but it was the Arata Hair Cream and Hair Gel my followers tagged me in and asked me to review.

Thank you to the team for sending the products across to try! They’ve also given a discount code for you guys so that you can SAVE 20% on your order should you choose to buy it. Find the code and my review on Arata Hair Gel below!

Arata Hair Gel benefits


Product Description

No fear of hair fall, thinning or whitening ever again. Arata Hair Gel is a 100% Natural medium-to- strong-hold hair gel packed with all natural goodness. It yields international salon-standard looks, without the damage caused by parabens and chemicals found in existing hair products. This 0% Chemical hair styling gel is just what you have been waiting for. Our unique formula contains Natural Flax Seed Extract and eliminates the risk of hair damage without compromising on results.

Product Details

  • Quantity: 125 ml

  • Price: Rs.599

  • Texture: Slimy like DIY Flaxseed Gel. It glides easily.

  • Shelf-Life: 12 months

Arata Hair Gel Consistency


Organic Flax Seed Extract, Propanediol (VegetableExtract), Dehydroxanthan Gum (Natural Sugar Extract), Lonicera Caprifolium (Italian Honeysuckle Extract), Lonicera Japonica (Japanese Honeysuckle Extract), Water, ECOCERT Natural Fragrance (Flower Extract), Sodium Gluconate (From Sugar Glucose).

Arata Hair Gel Ingredients

Is it Cg

Yes! Unlike most hair gels available, especially in India, Arata hair gel does NOT have any drying alcohol or bad ingredients. It is also Protein free.

Why Should You Use A Gel?

Gels add definition and can drastically reduce frizz in wavy and curly hair. Since gels form a cast around your natural hair and helps them remain clumped together, it also protects your hair from getting frizzy. Moisture isn’t allowed to leave your hair or enter it from your environment, which in India is SO important! We live in mostly humid, sticky climates and a gel can help your curls to remain defined LONGER. Plus many people with wavy hair feel a leave in conditioner weighs down their hair and rather use a gel to fight off the frizz.

How to use a Gel on Wavy/Curly Hair

Curly Hair

1. Styling

  • On wet hair, after applying a light leave in conditioner/ curl cream (I’ve used Cantu Curl Activator in the pic above), take a big dollop of the Arata Hair Gel and smooth it on to the hair.
  • PS- If your hair doesn’t like creams and leave in’s simply use the gel to style straight after your shower. I know many wavy girls who do STC in the shower and just style with a gel later.
  • You can simply scrunch up after this with a t-shirt or use a styling comb to comb through the product.
  • The former will give you fatter, bigger clumps and using a styling comb will give more multiple, smaller clumps.
  • Remember that if you have light wavy or curly hair, combing after applying a gel can open up the clumps. In that case, simply smooth on the gel and scrunch.
  • After your curls dry, SOTC (Scrunch out the Crunch) with a light oil spread in your palms.

2. Slick Hair Bun/ Hair styles

Who says wavy and girls can’t rock a clean bun? If you’re in the mood for an updo that leaves your neck bare, or just having a bad hair day, try rocking a bun. Remember to spritz water on your hair, comb it back till mid length where the curls start and use the Arata hair gel to slick back baby hairs and make it look neat! You can watch the video below to see how I do it.

Arata Hair Cream and Hair Gel Video

Watch my video where I tested the products on my curls and my best friend’s curly hair! You can see how I apply both the Arata hair cream and hair gel and the results. (Ps- Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel Your support is what keeps it going. PLUS you’ll be the first to know when I post new videos!)

Who Should Use Arata Hair Gel

  • Wavy and curly girls/boys who find their curls lose shape within a day and want them to last longer.
  • If you live in humid, muggy places and need an extra frizz fighting product.
  • You want to use gels but hate the crunchy feeling most gels give.
  • Leave-in’s and curl creams weigh down your hair but you need something to protect them from frizz.
  • You like clean, neat hair styles but suffer from hair loss when you use other gels.
  • You want to make your curls & waves look more defined.

How Much Gel Should You Apply

This will change from person to person. You need to apply enough to coat the hair. This consistency is slightly runny so I don’t need a lot for each section. Keep trying until you personally get results you like. Remember, if your curls become straight and stiff- then you’ve applied too much.

DON’T forget to remove the gel cast after your curls fully dry by scrunching with a light oil. This breaks the cast, makes them softer and more voluminous!

My Experience with Arata Hair Gel

The Curious Jalebi Curly Hair

You know how big of a fan I am for Ecostyler gel. To find I have similar results with the Arata Hair Gel is a lovely surprise. Since the consistency is slightly watery and slides easily, it keeps my curls moisturised too. I do find it leaves a light cast when I’m heavy handed with the gel but I can easily break it with SOTC’ing it.

My curls last well till day 2 with this gel, after which my hair starts to fall limp and I wrap it in a bun like you saw in the video a few paras above. But that’s the case with most of my wash-n-go’s now. Currently at the time of writing this review, Delhi’s weather is clammy, humid and sultry, with frequent visits from dust and thunderstorms. If you’re a curly girl, you know how our hair feels the incoming storm before it comes on the news! 😉

Granted, I spend most of the day indoors in an air conditioned office except while travelling in the metro and auto to and fro. Remember, don’t buy this gel expecting a hard cast. It’s light and doesn’t weigh down your hair.


  • CG Friendly
  • Protein & Glycerine Free
  • Water Soluble so no build-up!
  • No parabens or harmful chemicals
  • Easily Available in India
  • Pocket-Friendly at JUST Rs.599!
  • Leaves a light cast and doesn’t weigh hair down
  • Makes them shiny
  • Keeps baby hairs in place
  • No flaking or itching after using this gel
  • No crunchy curls after it dries
  • Great for curly, coily hair types and wavy hair that gets stiff with other hard hold gels.
  • It pairs well with other styling products.


  • Light cast means it’s more susceptible to the weather, especially super humid areas.
  • You can lose definition quicker with strenuous physical movement
  •  If you’re looking for a really hard hold gel, this isn’t it.

Use it with

1. Results with Arata Hair Cream

Arata Hair Cream + Arata Hair Gel

2. Results with Cantu Curl Activator


Or use any other leave in conditioner/curl cream you have in your arsenal.

Reader Testimonials

1. Akshada

“Yeah.. I used both z combo (Arata Hair Cream+ hair Gel).. n yes.. thr r perfect for wash n go routine .I really like it..gave me good curl definition in thz Summer.”

Reader Testimonial of Arata Hair Cream and Hair Gel

Buy Arata Hair Gel Online

Buy on Arata Official Website
Use my code CURIOUSARATA to pay 20% LESS than everybody else! Apply it on their official website for orders above Rs.999 (Check out my review on Arata Hair Cream if you want to add that to the cart)

On Amazon


These products were sent to me by the team at Arata Zero Chemicals but my opinion here is mine only and unbiased.  Do remember that everyone’s hair is different and the best way to find out is by trial and error. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out my review on the Arata Hair Cream. Until next post, i hope to see you saying hello on my Instagram- please don’t feel shy! I post my outfits, curly hair tips and more!

  • Reply

    is this product fit for leaving our hair to air dry? i have wavy hair from my braids and im using your products to help them last

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      This is an old review and their gel has since gone through a make-over. A gel is used to increase definition and hold and is usually left to air dry where it forms a crunchy cast. That is normal. Simply wait for it to fully dry and then SOTC- Scrunch Out The Crunch with your palms (maybe add a few drops of oil on your palms).

  • Reply

    Thanks a lot for the review .. Will it be possible for you to do a comparison for arata and ashba products (If it is already done please share the link).
    Thanks a lot

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      I’ll try to do them soon! but for now hope this helps-
      Ashba leave in is moisturising and light, will work for all hair types. Arata hair cream is alike a curl cream, thicker, better for 3A above hair.
      Ashba gel and Arata gel are both quite good, Arata has more hold. So depends on what your hair needs

  • Reply


    1. Does the Arata Gel work well with Curl Cream products?
    2. I work out almost everyday. Is the Arata Hair gel good to use in that case?
    3. I am from Chennai, quite a humid place. Will the Arata Hair gel be suitable

    Thanks in advance.

    • Reply

      Not curl cream. I meant Curl up products. I use the Curl up bundle.

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      Yes it does work very well, one of my fav combos! And yes with their new formulation, the gel should work in humid areas as well.

      • Olivia

        Is it possible to have good curls without using the diffuser?

      • Pallavi Juneja

        Yes absolutely. A diffuser just helps shrink the curls a little more and gets more volume on the crown. Air drying is also an option, try it and see!

  • Reply

    Very well and detail article you have posted, I really enjoyed it!

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      Thank you, glad you liked it!

  • Reply
    Dhwani Sheth

    Hi Pallavi,

    Great job with this blog. Your reviews and tips are super helpful.

    For e.g. I’m already using the curl cream by Arata after reading your review on it and its working well for me.
    I have clubbed with Set Wet Gel Cool Hold and I’m noticing well defined fat curls but with noticeable frizz.

    I’m searching for a gel which is CG friendly and affordable, can control the frizz that accompanies my low porosity, medium density hair as well as give my curls good definition. I have 2b-2c curls and transitioning hair. Went in for a big chop but still have some “smoothened” ends that have to be taken care of. I tend to have a lot of frizz but that could be because of years of combing through my hair and my recent Smoothening treatment.

    Sorry for the digression and coming back to the question, will this gel work in a humid city like Mumbai keeping in mind my hair needs?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      Try hard hold gels like Giovanni La Looks, Taft Gel, Aussie Moist Instant Freeze etc!

  • Reply


    Where online do you buu the Cantu curl activator?


    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      Amazon! I think I linked the answer in another comment of yours.

  • Reply


    Where do you buy your Cantu Curl Activator? Which online shop?

    Thank you!

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