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Looking for Curly Hair Stylists in Bengaluru for your Wedding? Check out this Crowd-Sourced list!

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Recently, I came across a dm on my Instagram which requested details for hairstylists in Bengaluru that were comfortable and skilled with styling naturally wavy and curly hair.

I know this is a big struggle, especially in India.

The go-to solution for all brides is to get their hair straightened so it looks sleek and elegant during important functions and weddings.

Even if you want to be natural, there are hardly any stylists and salons that won’t offer keratin treatments to make it easier to style or expect several hours of blow drying it straight.

This is not to disparage any curly or wavy bride that WANTS to straighten their hair for their wedding.

Without a doubt, on such busy hectic days, under the harsh glare of lights and sweating through several wedding clothes, having it straight makes it easier to handle and reduces prep time.

Also, if you’re someone who loves and celebrates their natural hair but wants to achieve a beautiful elegant look with styled, blow-dried on their special days, go for it!

This post is for brides who want hair stylists that can with minimal heat can make their hair look stunning.

My Wedding Hair Style

When I got married in 2020 in Delhi, I roped in my curly friend who also dabbles in makeup and hair. I trusted her to do my updo for the reception dinner – I went with freshly washed open hair for my court wedding.

Yes, it got a little frizzy in the end- but I didn’t mind honestly. My priorities while getting married in the pandemic after things opened up (and shut down slowly again) were different.

Plus, I was thrilled at the court wedding going through without any snags haha!

I didn’t know any special bridal curly hair stylists. Delhi in terms of even salons/hairstylists for cutting curly hair definitely underperforms compared to other cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, and Hyderabad. Hopefully, that changes soon!

Hair Stylists for Wavy and Curly Hair for Brides in Bengaluru

Anyway, I put the question to my followers on my story and got several replies. Some of them were hairstylists comfortable with only cutting natural hair, some provided bridal hairstyling services, and some both!

In this post, we’ll cover only those that can help you achieve stunning looks for your special day. So if you’re a bride who wants to flaunt your natural waves and curls, keep reading!

Most of the people I’ve mentioned below are from Bengaluru but some are willing to travel so do get in touch with them for more details. If you know someone I should mention on this list, reach out to me!

Alice from @hairandmakeupbyalice

Esha from @curlupanddyebangalore

Salomi from @salomirdiamond

Bhavana from @thewhimsicalbrushe

Juhi from @fabulizebyjuhi

Aanchal from @makeupstudio_byaanchalchugh

Nimmy from @makeup_by_nimmyjagath

Amala from @brahma_hairandmakeup

Rupsha from rupsha.m.artistry

Shafath from BBlunt, Magrath Road Branch @shafath7

Cynthia from High Gloss Salon @cynthia3330

If you need inspiration for deciding what hairstyle to choose for your wedding, I suggest taking a look through Pinterest and google and saving pictures for reference.

Remember, your hair type matters when it comes to the style you want.

Also, small amounts of heat, curling, and such are fine- just make sure you use a heat protectant cream and deep condition once things are back to routine!

Want such recommendations for your city? Comment below and I’ll get right to it!

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