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#DesiBrandsForDesiCurls – Indian Curly Hair Brands to Try Next

Indian Brands for Curly Hair

Years ago, I never imagined I can one day choose from not only one but MANY local, Indian brands for curly hair.

I discovered the world of Curly Girl Method many years back when I was still in college. All I could find then were expensive international products 🙁

Clearly things have changed and you reader, if you are new to the curly world are SO lucky!

I’m so glad that I can make a LIST (A LIST!!!) of brands that cater specifically for people like you and me who need products that reduce dryness and frizz.

I hope this list keeps on growing as time passes.

I also want to mention Deepika (@desicurly) a fellow natural hair blogger, who for a long time has been pushing and bringing #desibrandsfordesicurls to the forefront which I think really helped brands understand the need for local research and formulations. (Don’t forget to check her out for her realistic, honest experiences).

Several of the products mentioned below are CG Friendly, that is, free from sulphates, silicones, drying alcohols etc. Those products that are not, are specified clearly. You can read more about CGM here- What is the CG Method?

Some of the products have already been reviewed and you can check for detailed pros and cons in the linked posts.

I am working on reviewing the rest so stay tuned.

Here we go!

Table of Contents

Arata Zero Chemicals

Indian brands for curly hair

I discovered this brand around in 2018 and tested their hair cream and gel in this Youtube Video on my friend and my hair.

It tamed our curls really well and gave me fat, bouncy ringlets. Their cream and gel became one of my holy grail brands! The picture above is of their first line of stylers. 

Now they’ve launched a line made for wavy and curly hair!

Their Advanced Curl Care line has a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, detangling spray, cream, gel, oil,  and a mask! Whew!

So what is the difference between the new cream and gel from the previous batch? I’ll share the difference in my review post coming soon so stay tuned!

This brand is also a fantastic option for men as well with curly hair as the scent tends to be more unisex and refreshing.

The cream and gel are also travel-friendly so I usually always carry them on my trips.

You can use my code CURIOUSARATA on orders above Rs.999 to get 15% OFF! Using this code gives me a small commission that helps me pay my bills and continue blogging so thank you.

  1. Arata Advanced Curl Care Shampoo – CG Friendly (Rs. 899)
  2. Arata Advanced Curl Care Rinse Off Conditioner – CG Friendly (Rs. 899)
  3. Arata Advanced Curl Care Detangling Spray – CG Friendly (Rs. 599)
  4. Arata Advanced Curl Care Leave-In Conditioner – CG Friendly (Rs. 449)
  5. Arata Advanced Curl Care Curly Hair Cream – CG Friendly (Rs. 599)
  6. Arata Advanced Curl Care Curly Hair Gel – CG Friendly (Rs. 699)
  7. Arata Styling Cream (Rs. 599) (Protein Free)
  8. Arata Styling Hair Gel (Rs. 699) (Protein Free)

Ashba Botanics

Indian Brands for Curly Hair

When Asha Barrack, India’s first curly hair blogger spent years researching and blogging to finally create her own brand, you bet I was excited.

With new launches it’s becoming a full line so that you can finish your entire routine with just her products.

I hear more launches are coming soon ahem ahem!

Until then, try these lovely products that are CG friendly and perfect for all hair types.

  1. Ashba Right Ringlets Hydrating Shampoo (Rs. 1099) (Mild Protein)
    Light lather, easy to apply.
  2. Ashba Right Ringlets Nourishing Conditioner (Rs 1099) (Mild Protein)
    Good slip, doesn’t weigh hair down.
  3. Ashba Right Ringlets Leave-in-Conditioner (Rs. 1099) (Mild Protein)
    A light leave-in conditioner, will work on different hair types. You can read my review here.
  4. Ashba Right Ringlets Curl Defining Gel (Rs. 1099) (Mild Protein)
    More on my review here.

Let’s Curl Up

The first brand that launched an 3 step curl routine – shampoo conditioner and curl cream was Curl Up.

I tested their products when they launched and even did a Youtube tutorial showing how to apply them on on naturally curly hair.

Now they have recently launched a mask, a gel and an oil that I am currently testing.

  1. Curl Up Curl Moisturising Shampoo (Rs. 575) (Mild Protein)
    While it does not dry out your hair, it will give your scalp and hair a deep clean. You only need a small amount and so the shampoo lasts a long time. You can read more in my review here.
  2. Curl Up Curl Hydrating Conditioner (Rs. 590) (Mild Protein)
    Rich, creamy and hydrating that it helps unravel knots well. I tend to use generous amounts of this if I find my hair very tangled.
  3. Curl Up Curl Defining Cream (Rs. 690) (Mild Protein)
    There is a well known international curl cream that works wonders for type 3 and above curls. I know people make their comparisons of this to that (if you know you know) but this is formulated with higher grade quality of ingredients. It’s also great for those wanting soft moisturised curls without the crispy definition. I would need to pair a gel with this in humid weathers which is why I’m pumped they launched a gel now.
  4. Curl Up Ultra Defining Hair Gel (Rs. 790) (Protein Free)
    Impressions and review coming soon!
  5. Curl Up Intense Hydrating Hair Mask (Rs. 790) (Mild Protein)
    Impressions and review coming soon.
  6. Curl Up Nourishing Hair Oil (Rs. 720)
    I’ve already started testing the oil and since I don’t champi or oil regularly, I use this once or twice a month when my hair is super tangled (lazy lazy). Oiling lightly helps to protect protein loss in the shower as well.

Fix My Curls

Another fellow curly girl was inspired to make products to suit Indian wavy and curly hair after struggling to find the right ones for her hair.

Fix my Curls launched with a line of two types of shampoos (one works really well as a co-wash!), a deep conditioner, a leave-in-cream and a gel.

Now they have added two more stylers – a hair butter and a jelly to give more styling options to suit a wide variety of hair types and requirements like protein or moisture.

I also like their pricing and how they have travel-friendly mini sizes (perfect if you want to test before you commit) and moisture and protein bundles.

You can use my code THECURIOUSJALEBI to get 15% OFF & help support the blog! 🙂

  1. Fix my Curls Cleansing Shampoo (Rs. 895) (Protein Free)
    When your scalp needs a good deep clean of dust, sweat and grime, use this shampoo.
  2. Fix my Curls Everyday Moisturising Shampoo (Rs. 895) (Protein Forward)
    This works like a co-wash or a conditioner with juuust the right amount of cleansing ingredients to leave scalp clean but without the dryness that comes with most shampoos. It’s perfect for those who exercise often and need to wash their hair daily. Since I wash my hair only twice a week and suffer from an itchy scalp, I need stronger shampoos so I prefer the one above.
  3. Fix my Curls Hydrating Deep Conditioner (Rs. 850) (Protein Forward)
    Rich, creamy and while it says deep conditioner, I used it as a regular conditioner on my dry, damaged coloured curls. If you don’t wash your hair often or you’re just starting out and have parched curls & waves, you can use this dc as a regular conditioner too.
  4. Fix my Curls Leave in Cream (Rs. 725) (Mild Protein)
    Sort of an in-between between a leave in conditioner and a cream. Great for tighter curls or coloured curls that need extra boost of oil. I find this can leave my hair a little weighed down so I prefer their other styler.
  5. Fix my Curls Defining Hair Gel (Rs. 690) (Protein Forward)
    Different proteins in varying amounts make it a great gel to give some build and structure to hair that isn’t curling as before.
  6. Fix my Curls Curl Quenching Hair Butter (Rs. 925) (Protein Free)
    My favourite of their stylers! I find this suits me a lot more and gives me thick clumps. Love the packaging and the scent as well.
  7. Fix my Curls Flax Seed Gelly – CG Friendly (Rs. 815) (Protein Free)
    I like this gel more compared to the defining hair gel. I think it’s because of flaxseeds!
  8. Fix My Curls Weightless Whip Volumizing Mousse – CG Friendly (Rs. 770)
  9. Fix My Curls Protein Powered Deep Conditioning Hair Mask – CG Friendly (Rs.2000)
  10. Fix My Curls Moisture Melt Conditioning Hair Mask – CG Friendly (Rs.2000)

You can also buy their products from Amazon.

True Frog

Indian Brands for Curly Hair

I ordered these after I saw their ads on Instagram one day which had a green frog giving curly hair tips!.

So I thought I’ll try them out but I had no idea how much I would come to like their products.

Some serious expertise and research has gone into the formulation from what I heard and can see after using them.

They are balanced well in terms of moisture and protein and have special ingredients to protect coloured curly hair.

They may see like an underdog right now but trust me, these are excellent products. I hope they add styling products to their catalogue soon.

I will be doing an in-depth review of each soon after testing it with different styles and weathers.

You can use my discount code CURIOUSJALEBI10 for a discount if you’d like. Thank you for your support.

  1. True Frog Shampoo for Curls (Rs. 585)(Mild Protein) (Allergen Free Fragrance)
    I trust shampoos where I can be generous with it sometimes and not fear a dry scalp. This is one of those shampoos.
  2. True Frog Everyday Hair Conditioner (Rs. 565) (Mild Protein) (Allergen Free Fragrance)
    Avocado butter and Tamanu oils make for this hydrating but not over moisturising conditioner. Perfect for regular use and for fine wavies or curlies who find their hair gets easily weighed down.
  3. True Frog Deep Conditioning Hair Mask (Rs. 695) (Mild Protein) (Allergen Free Fragrance)
    Tacuma butter makes this richhhhh (yes the extra h is necessary :D) and great for pampering your curls once a week (or twice a month depending on how healthy or dry your hair is).
  4. True Frog Volumizing Mousse – CG Friendly (Rs. 585)
  5. True Frog Leave-in-Conditioner – CG Friendly (Rs. 625)


Indian brands for Curly Hair

I know both Hinshara and Yuba, the founders from my early days of blogging! Again curly girls who wanted to make something local for their community.  Hinshara and I even made plans to meet in Kochi and a do a curly hair seminar that unfortunately fell through because of the Kerala floods.

They launched accessories for curly hair first like bonnets, caps and bands and current fav- detangling brush.

I had no idea they are planning to launch products as well and that too a co-wash! This is the first Indian brand who has launched a co-wash.

They are priced the highest among all brands mentioned here and I am eager to try these two in different weathers and with different stylers to see if they are worth it. Keep checking back on the blog for the review.

  1. Manetain Oh SoN Cool Co-wash (Rs. 1570) (Protein Free)
    I found the co-wash left my scalp clean, tingly and smelling like mint. It’s very refreshing and a good option for those who need to wash their hair daily.
  2. Manetain Oh So Strong Conditioner (Rs. 1670) (Mild Protein)
    I find it very similar to the co-wash but with a lot more slip to melt tangles and comb through easily. I will add more once I try their products more often in the coming month and update here.
  3. Manetain Store Oh So Soft Moisturising Shampoo – CG Friendly (Rs. 1250)
  4. Manetain Store Oh So Clean Clarifying Shampoo – CG Friendly (Rs. 1350)
    This is sulphate free so I clarified (I couldn’t resist haha) with Yuba, one of the co-founders, that the presence of the gentler cleansing ingredients are also enough to remove silicone buildup!


I find Anveya different from the rest especially because of the styler they have in their bundle.

Unlike everyone else, they have spray leave in conditioner, a hair mist, which is the lightest styler in this entire post.

There is a lack of affordable CG Friendly hair mists in India and so I find this a good option to suggest for wavy hair or loose curly peeps.

The shampoo and conditioner are rich and moisturise hair well and hence the mist is enough for Type 2B-3A hair types.

I also use the mist to refresh my hair in the morning!

I don’t love the scent and branding on the bottles however- it’s smells quite sweet – but this is a personal preference.

You can see how I apply these on my hair in this Youtube Video.

  1. Anveya Curls Cleansing Shampoo (Rs. 995) (Protein Free)
    Lathers and cleanses well. Does not leave hair dry but moisturised.
  2. Anveya Curls Ultra-Moisturizing Conditioner (Rs. 995)
    Creamy and moisturising. Decent CG Friendly conditioner that’s good for thick, coarse curls.
  3. Anveya Curls Hair Mist (Rs. 795)
    My fav out of the three! Spray it on alone if you have loose waves or curls or use it as a primer before your heavier stylers. Can be also used to refresh.


  1. Curlvana Fortifying Curl Cleanse – CG Friendly (Rs. 599)
  2. Curlvana Deep Nourish Double-Cream Hair Mask – CG Friendly (Rs. 749)
  3. Curlvana Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner – CG Friendly (Rs. 599)
  4. Curlvana Moisture-lock Curl-Styling Leave-in Cream (Rs. 795)
  5. Curlvana Curl-Defining All-in-One Styling Gel – CG Friendly (Rs. 699)

North Wish Naturals

  1. Northwish Naturals Nourishing Shampoo – CG Friendly (Rs. 545)
  2. Northwish Naturals Nourishing Conditioner – CG Friendly (Rs. 545)
  3. Northwish Naturals Curl Defining Leave-in Conditioner – CG Friendly (Rs. 599)
  4. Northwish Naturals Curl Defining Styling Gel – CG Friendly (Rs. 590)

SugerBoo Curls

  1. Sugerboo Curls Cleansing Shampoo – CG Friendly (Rs. 799)
  2. SugarBoo Curls – Hydrating Conditioner – CG Friendly (Rs. 799)
    (Use my Discount Code CURIOUSJALEBI for 10% on orders above Rs.1000)


  1. BBLUNT Curly Hair Moisturizing Shampoo – Not CG Friendly (Rs. 399)
  2. BBLUNT Curly Hair Moisturizing Conditioner – Not CG Friendly (Rs. 240)
  3. BBLUNT Curly Hair Prepoo (Pre-shampoo) – CG Friendly (Rs. 500)

Confused about What to Choose?

Okay I get it, this list can also seem overwhelming. Here’s how you choose what to start with-

  1. What is your budget for all the products?
    Set a max limit at the beginning. And yes, you can have a routine for any budget. If you want products priced lower than all of these, check this post- Pocket Friendly Products for Beginners
  2. What is your hair type?
    What products does that hair type need?
    – Is it wavy or loose curly that it needs just a shampoo, conditioner and a light mousse or mist and/or gel?
    – Is it very thick and curly and needs a rich curl cream and gel?
    – Or maybe something richer than a mist but lighter than a cream like a leave in conditioner?
    Start by figuring out your hair type – Find Your Hair Type
    and then get one shampoo, one conditioner and one styler within your budget to start with. Don’t worry about protein and moisture, that comes much later of getting the basics right.


The discount codes & Amazon links mentioned above are affiliate codes which means if you use that to buy anything on their website, a tiny commission comes to me. I strive to be honest about my review of the products and I hope you can see that. I find different products suit different requirements and no product is as such inherently bad. (If they are, rest assured I’ll tell you!) Thank you for using the code if you’re comfortable and supporting the blog 🙂

Have I left out any brand? Comment below and let me know! Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram (@thecuriousjalebi) for day-to-day updates and tips for naturally wavy and curly hair.

If you’re new I suggest you go through with this post- Start Here

I also have a facebook group- Ask Jalebi where you can drop in your queries and I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Until next time. Jalebi out!

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