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The Curious Column: Paris is a Person.

November 28, 2016

Read on below in this travel special of The Curious Column by Asmita Singh

Autumn ’16

It had barely been an hour since my arrival into the city and boom- a stolen wallet.

Infact, as I jog my memory a bit I remember exactly who stole it. But by the time I had discovered it was gone, it was too late.The thief had disappeared. My forex card & cash- all gone. It was a warm, sunny day and its no secret that a sunny day in Paris is a treat. Actually, any day in Paris is a treat! But I’ll tell you more about that later. After some disaster management & an angel that came to my rescue in the avatar of a dear friend, I scuttled past a horrid start and so began a delicious & buttery holiday.

Autumn (Sept-October) is the second prettiest time of the year to be in Paris. The first is Spring with cherry blossoms dotted across the city, longer days and just the perfect amount of sunshine to go with cold white wine. Autumn brings with it a calm vibe, warm coloured leaves and a sweet kind of cold weather. Not the bitter and harsh kind like in the winters. I seemed to have incredible luck with weather because the entire week that I was there, the days were gorgeous with lots of sunshine! 

Butter, wine, music, art, charm and endless stairs are a few of the things that are synonymous with Paris in my mind. There is an overwhelming amount of things to see and eat. I honestly believe even a lifetime isn’t enough. I had a solid food laden agenda for this trip with restaurant reservations planned in advance and  checklists of bakeries with little consideration of the holiday weight I would be carrying back. While spending time at my favourite spots by the Seine, Monmartre, Canal Saint Martin, Jardin de Tuileries etc, the week went by too fast. Time speeds up in that city, I swear.

One thing that is sure to happen in Paris is this- stumbling across beautiful musicians. I met with so many, a few of whom you’ll see in my photos. Ever so often, I would be on my way to meet a friend or a particular place and I’d get distracted with some brilliant musician playing an instrument that I hadn’t seen. So much of my time went in just gazing at these musicians and listening to them sing or play their instrument. This is one of my favourite things about the city, music is almost everywhere and its like a constant background score. So not only does Paris look like a booklet of postcards, there’s music that blends with it!

I met some really interesting people while I was there for which I’ll let my photo’s do the talking. You won’t be seeing much food since I barely had the patience to click photo’s before I ate the food. Watch out for a list of foodie recommendations at the end of the blog. If you decide to go to Paris, I hope you’ll find it useful.


A typical Parisian sight – wine & conversation | Le Saint Regis, 75004



I seem to have an obsession with sunlight | Chez Plumeau


Postcards Everywhere. Tip- If you’re in Montmartre, google map and find this street called Rue Cortot. You won’t regret it. | Rue Cortot, 75018


I wonder what he’s thinking | Jardin des Tuileries


Do you ever see people and just really want to know their story? | Jardin des Tuileries


I can’t seem to use the word ‘postcard’ enough when describing Paris | Shakespeare & Co


Someday I want to do a photo series on the musicians of Paris | Infront of Le Consulat



Timeless | Seen at Place du Tertre


I don’t know who she is but damn, I was enamoured | Seen at Ile Saint Louis


If sunshine were a person | Seen at Place du Tertre


Sunshine & Honey


Forgotten antique shops of Paris | 48 Rue Chanzy, 75011


A city of windows, cafes, colours and fonts too, it seems | 2 Rue de l’Abreuvoir, 75018

My recommendations for the best eats in Paris –

1.Septime– The reservations tricky but DEFINITELY worth it.
2.L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon– If saving up for a portion of mashed potatoes sounds crazy to you, you’re probably not a true foodie.
3.Du Pain et des Idees– All their puff pastry goodies. *tears of butter*
4.Cyril Lignac– For the Kouign Amann & double chocolate cookie.
5.Jaques Genin– Hot chocolate & mille feuille. Skip Angelina, its overrated.
6.Henri Le Roux– Salted caramel fudge. Jesus, the jesus of salted caramel. Does that make sense? It will, when you try it.
7.Yann Couvreur– Mille feuille
8.Bistrot Paul Bert– For traditional French bistro food.
9.Candelaria– Cocktails & Mexican food.
10.Blueberry– Sushi


Scallops at Bistrot Paul Bert. The secret to French cuisine- ALOT/ALL of the butter.


Pictured here is the 2nd Course at Septime- Egg yolk confit, parsley coulis, brown butter crumb, flat white beans and fresh parsley. SO GODDAMN DELICIOUS.

If you want more recommendations or have any questions, I’d be happy to help. Feel free to drop a comment below or head over to my instagram page- @asmi.singh 🙂

Bonne Journée!


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    November 30, 2016 at 8:32 am

    Beautiful descriptions and stunning photographs! Loved it. Can’t wait to go there!

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