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My Curly Hair Is Really Dry, What Should I Do!?

July 11, 2017

If you’ve been following my earlier posts, you will know by now that curly hair is naturally dry. It’s because of the hair’s spiral structure that stops the scalp’s natural oils from reaching the end. That is also why some curly girls might have an oily scalp but extremely dry ends!

On top of this, brushing your hair DRY every day makes it rougher, leading to a cloud of frizz and split ends. Your hair is also weak and prone to damage. THIS is the way we treat our curly hair for years because we’ve never known better. πŸ™

Even if you’ve recently started taking care of your hair the curly girl way (combing after conditioner and using a leave in conditioner), the results of consistent rough handling won’t immediately vanish! You need to be equally consistent with your routine. Along with that, pay special attention to the following points. If I’ve missed any tip that has worked out for you, don’t forget to comment it below!

1. Shampoo only your scalp & mix your shampoo with water
Like I explained earlier, don’t strip the hair of natural oils which are already unable to reach your ends by rubbing shampoo on to your hair. Apply it just on your scalp and it will slide off the rest of the hair when you rinse it out.Β  This is especially important when you are using a shampoo that has sulphates. My parents used to do this for my sister and my hair when we were small & I never realized the importance then. Anjana, from curlsandbeautydiary recently posted about this as well & I’ve reincorporated this step into my routine and you should too!

2. Don’t brush your curls DRY
Check out the below image to see the difference in combing your curls dry and after a conditioner/leave in.

Why does this happen? Curly hair grows in a pattern. Brushing it dry disturbs that pattern and gives rise to a poof of frizz! πŸ’‘ The first time you comb after conditioner or leave in, you'll see a BIG difference. After that, consistency and regular conditioning, deep conditioning will reduce frizz. Top the leave in with a gel and comb for extra definition and hold! . Some tips: βœ… Use a moisturising conditioner and leave in conditioner. If you have a lot of breakage, your conditioner doesn't have enough 'slip' and should be changed to a more moisturising one! βœ… Detangle your hair with your fingers first, then wide-toothed comb, then a narrower one if you have tiny knots like me. βœ… You can stop after finger detangling if it suits your hair! βœ… If you find your hair is weak in the shower, comb your hair after you've oiled your hair. Now in the shower, after conditioner, you will be able to put less stress when you comb because the tangles have already melted! πŸ”΄ Some curly girls however find more definition with 'squish to condish method of styling'. Check it out on YouTube – @curlsandbeautydiary shows how to do this clearly in her videos. . Has this worked for you? How did you feel the first time you tried this?

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3. Switch to a CG Friendly routine
If you notice that your shampoo always makes hair extra dry, you can switch to a shampoo that doesn’t have sulphate as an ingredient. You will find that your shampoo doesn’t lather as much because the detergent like ingredient is missing but it still works and cleanses the scalp. It’s difficult to wrap your mind around but you’ll see the difference over time. Do remember that in this case, your leave in and conditioner should not have silicones as an ingredient. I’ve written in-depth about this here. You will also need to avoid products that have alcohol as an ingredient- this is incredibly drying for your hair.

(ps: I’ve recently tried to do a pure CG routine but had to modify it since I have dandruff and I use a medicated shampoo sometimes to keep my scalp clean. More on this soon. πŸ™‚ )

4. Cowash your hair
If you work out often and need to wash your hair every other day, you can also switch to co-washing. That is after wetting your scalp and hair, you use a conditioner and your fingers to remove the sweat from the scalp. No shampoo. I’m not a huge fan of this step but it works out for many curly girls and significantly reduces scalp dryness. You do have to clarify your scalp once in a week or two with a shampoo ( doesn’t need to have sulphate) so that the scalp doesn’t remain oily. And oily scalp can also lead to hair fall. This is another step in a CG Friendly routine.

5. Use a moisturizing conditioner
If you don’t have a conditioner, get one asap. Both wavy and curly hair will benefit from this step. If you’ve used this earlier & find that it hasn’t helped, you probably have not been combing your hair after conditioner. Next time, apply generously & comb either with your fingers or a comb (wide-toothed followed with narrow if you find your hair tangles easily).

(If you want me to recommend products for your hair, DM me your hair pictures with your budget on my Instagram or Facebook page!)

6. Deep condition your hair.
This is one of THE MOST important tips & I URGE you to do this at least once a week. This is especially important when you’ve just started your curly hair journey – your curls need maximum moisture retention. You can use either a store bought mask or make at home. (Stay tuned on a post on how to deep condition coming soon.)

My hair after deep conditioning with The BodyShop Rainforest Hair Butter

7. Protect your curls at night
You may toss & turn at night to wake up next morning to find it’s made your curls messy, frizzy with loss of definition. Watch the video below to see how to do protect your curls.

8. Keep your mane hydrated on 2nd & 3rd day.
Curly hair thrives in water! That is why so many of you come to me and say – My curls are awesome when they are wet but it becomes so frizzy and big when it dries (biggest culprit here again is not combing after conditioner & leave in conditioner/gel). So on day 2,3 when you can’t do your wash and go routine, simply refresh and revive your curls like this.

9. Seal your ends with oil
After drenching your curls with a leave in conditioner, take a few drops of oil ( coconut, almond, jojoba) and run your hands over your curls lightly or scrunch up your curls. This helps in preventing the hair strands to search the atmosphere for water (hello frizz).

10. Use cold water to rinse off one last time in the shower
This seals the hair cuticles & decreases frizz.

11. Use a tshirt or a micro fiber towel to dry your hair
Your normal towel will create frizz and disturb the curl pattern. A tshirt helps absorb excess water, in scrunching your curls up to define your curls faster. I’ve shown this in all my curly videos.

12. AVOID HEAT as much as possible- (Straightener, Blow Dryer)
I can’t stress that hard enough, haha. I’m not saying never do it, I can understand some girls love straightening their hair once in a while or getting them coloured, despite being super happy and proud of curly hair. Policing someone’s hair decisions is not okay with me. But, yes, as heat damages our hair, it is better to keep it to a minimum. The more you avoid, the better it is for your curls health. And if you have indeed straightened or coloured your curls, please deep condition regularly. If you do have to use your hair dryer, do it with a diffuser with cold air mode. This will reduce frizz. Use a heat protecting serum while you straighten. Basically, take necessary precautions and do damage recovery post it.

13. Trim your ends every couple of months
I usually do this on my own to retain length. Remember to use a special scissor for hair though. This will reduce split ends & increase healthy hair growth. Please note that this does not speed up your hair growth directly, just ensures your hair doesn’t split and grow unhealthily and cause frizz.

14. Eat Well, Drink Water
Keep up your protein, vitamin & water intake. This is imperative for any part of your body to be healthy. Consult your doctor if you think you need multivitamins or biotin and folic acid tablets.

You’re going to obviously see a huge difference the first time you comb your curls after conditioner and a leave in conditioner. After that, being consistent with your routine, especially deep conditioning will reduce frizz and increase over all health of your curls !


Hope these tips help! If you want more tips & tutorials, don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel & follow me on Facebook & Instagram!

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    Dr Ila Gujaria
    March 10, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Hi Pallavi….bit confused about this step….sho should u rinse with cold water after applying all the styling products….won’t all the products get washed away???

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja
      April 10, 2018 at 11:34 pm

      Hi! No, you should not rinse after applying styling products. They will get washed off only when you are ready to shampoo again

  • Reply
    Devki sangvikar
    October 11, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    I am so so confused😩.. I have beautiful curls. But I can’t maintain it. I really don’t know how to take care of them. Please help me and suggest some affordable products as well. Please. My hair are shorter in length than yours but the same texture as your hair.

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  • Reply
    July 28, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Hey i have one stupid question
    i usually oil my hair before every wash . So mixing shampoo with water and shampooing only my scalp doesnt work for me as it leaves oil in my roots
    What should i do?

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja
      July 29, 2017 at 10:19 pm

      Hey Aastha, do you use a sulphate shampoo?

      • Aastha
        August 4, 2017 at 2:49 pm

        i have been using ogx coconut curls shampoo

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