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Brown Desi Curly Hair Bloggers You Will Love to Follow on Instagram

Brown curly hair bloggers

A few years ago,when I would google ‘Indian curly hair’, the only links that would pop up were companies selling ‘virgin’ Indian hair for weaves and wigs (India is the largest exporter), forget brown curly hair bloggers.

It was very disappointing to not find representation. Especially considering the cultural connotations in South Asian diaspora about curly hair are very different.

And people in India, Pakistan, Bangaldesh at that time had NO special products for wavy or curly hair – unless you counted Livon (serums) and smoothening treatments as solutions. All the products other natural hair bloggers would recommend wasn’t in my reach!

Now, things have REALLY changed! From many bloggers, YouTubers and microbloggers, there are some wonderful brown women now who are doing their best to spread the word. It is so comforting and motivating to find people who are struggling like you so along with empathy, it gets easier to find solutions.

In this post, I have included some amazing south Asian women whom you should definitely give a follow. Check out their tips, their videos and help them (and I :P)  reach more brown women so that they start LOVING their hair.

PS – While doing this, I do acknowledge and owe my gratitude to many incredible, strong African american women whose videos and posts helped me learn about and love my curls. Your movement has helped so many women across the world, so thank you. 🙂

Asha- @rightringlets

Am I correct in saying she is the FIRST Indian blogger who started talking about taking care of curly hair? From posts and video tutorials to a FB group (Indian Curl Pride), her efforts have helped so many Indian women with wavy and curly hair. She now also has her own curly hair line -Ashba Botanics. You can read my review on them here- Ashba Botanics Leave in Conditioner Review, Ashba Botanics Curl Defining Gel Review

Her Blog

Youtube Channel

Anajana- @curlsandbeautydiary

Ayyy! When I found Anjana’s blog almost 2 years ago- I was wonderfully surprised. There were extensive posts on techniques and many reviews on products you could get easily in India. Also, don’t you agree that she has such beautiful wavy hair?

Another fact then that I loved about her was that she used sulphates in her shampoos with no guilt – I was following a similar routine then and liked knowing I wasn’t alone in my method.

Her Blog

Youtube Channel

Elizabeth, @honestlizhere

Liz has very quickly taken the curly girl community by storm. She is very enthusiastic in finding and trying out different techniques, trends and products and teaching her audience. She also has her own store (Honest Products) which sources international curly hair products for people in India. She is also a strong advocate of using all natural, high-quality products for curly hair care.

Her Blog

Youtube Channel

Deepika, @desicurly

One of the most humble, knowledegable and honest people I have come to know in this community. Focusing on pocket-friendly Indian products (#desibrandsfordesicurls) she has a dedicated following that is absolutely deserved. Her frank and un-filtered view of her life and hair will make you relate to her so easily!

Youtube Channel 

Suma, @curliebeaux

Besides healthy, long curly hair, and tips to manage them, she has lovely videos on make-up and skin care that will suit Indian, dusky skin tones. She also isn’t afraid to experiment. From her video celebrating Mahanti Savitri Garu ( South Indian film actress) to JLo inspired hair styles, this girl has a tendency to surprise you!

Youtube Channel

Pavithra, @lifewithpurelycurlie

LOVE DIY-ing your way to healthy hair? You will like Pavithra’s posts! Cool beer rinses, green tea mask, Guava leaf tea rinse as a leave in, etc, Pavithra is inspiring many women with her posts! She is also a wellness coach and gives tips to eat, drink and live better.

Ayesha @spisha

I was in pure awe and slight disbelief when a year ago, I found her picture on Instagram. Gorgeous to boot, her waves were NOTHING like I’d ever seen before. Many people did not believe her hair was natural, and she started her channel to prove them wrong. Thanks to them, there is now an awesome channel with tips on how she maintains that thickness and bounce for all of us to learn from.

Youtube Channel

Chaitanya, @kuttymeow_7

SUCH a sweetheart! Honest, stands up for what she believes in and gutsy to boot! She also brings a refreshing and much needed view on how her hair type has different requirements and different methods that suit her than curlier textures. Follow her if you want helpful tips about your wavy hair.

Sheena, @chicmedusa

Such lush long curls! I can watch her hair slow mo videos for ever. I also love her reviews and pretty hair styles! Also her make up skills are something else!

Seema, @kink_in_my_curl

I am a BIG fan of people who call out on bullshit. Her IGTV video on Instagram etiquette made me press that follow button, besides her tips on how to groom and enhance her hair, which is type 3B. If you’re someone with tighter curls, do check her routine out!

Khushboo, @khushboo__singhvi

Met this gorgeous woman in the curly girl meet in Delhi and have loved how positive and open she is! Check out her good hair days and bad- she is wonderful at explaining what she tried new and what didn’t work answering so many questions that come up when you’re figuring your way our in the community.


What’s the difference between following and not following a technique? Let her Instagram explain with helpful videos! She has such stunning tight curls, I have some hair envy too haha 😉

Chitra, @chitrachaudhuri3435

Another brilliant person to follow if you have wavy hair. I love how calm she is and absolutely appreciate her attitude that encourages people to accept their hair in all their ways, to be patient and not get influenced by herd-mentality. I saw her stand up for something I agreed on as well long time back and I haven’t forgotten her since.

Shambavi, @khichdi_in_shampagne_care

Some sound insight into not panicking when you begin your natural hair journey. Her tips and reviews are also well and simply explained.

Deepa, @curlie_d

Watch out for her helpful video tutorials where she shows how to follow ‘Raking’ method, Pre poo & more!

Pallavi @curl_pal

Another Pallavi on the list 😀 Watch how she takes her of her long curly hair even after getting them coloured. Love her reviews and tips!

Mehak, @shadesofmoon

I have known Mehak well before even starting the blog. She is very witty, easy going and her outfits are absolutely stunning. She has light waves that she proudly carries and often reveals what works for her hair in her posts.

Sreela, @thesreelog

Met her in a curly girl meet too! And I LOVE the fact that she has started microblogging because as you may know already, no curly hair types are exactly the same. Her tips for her kinky curly hair is a godsend – I know exactly where to send people who have similar hair type as hers!

Nisha, @curlienish

I don’t think I can find enough words to describe how positively cheerful she is. Her warmth reflects in her posts and her comments and she backs it up with good reviews and tips!

Saumya, @saumyaalagh

Scared of cutting your hair short? Saumya shows you just how chic it can look. Along with tips on what helps her curls, she also runs @naturallyyounme , an online store for curly hair products in India. I get most of my products from her. (Psst- You can use my code CURIOUSJALEBI for a discount)

Nidhi, @curlywavynidhi

Another must follow if you’re struggling with your waves! She explains her routine with detailed steps leaving no room for doubt if you want to follow the same for your hair. Again, I am really glad to see women like her with different hair types talk about their unique journey!

Sneha, @spiralazyy

She has just started posting on her Instagram but it’s her Youtube Video that you absolutely must watch. Clear, concise and informative – this is the kinda content that I love to see myself as well.

Rimiksha, @curlsandflowerss

Lioness hair and damn does she carry it well! Don’t forget to check out her Denman brush tutorial!

Nikita, @curls_and_edges

What a STUNNING haircut! And so healthy too! Follow her if you have thick voluminous curls like her and want to know how to hydrate and tame them.

Shruti, @shruti_amin_1994

She is not active on Instagram but her Youtube channel has great curly hair tutorials. Did I mention pocket-friendly too?

Jenia, @sk.jenia

SO ballsy this woman is, I love it! Apart from detailed posts on Indian Curl Pride fb group, she also posts them on her Instagram.

Divya, @curlacious_blog

She may not be active on Instagram as much but she along with Anjana and Asha contributed highly to building the curly hair community in India. I’ve linked her blog below for you to check out!

Her Blog

Meher, @meherkaurcheema

Meher is another old friend from when I had just started blogging. She posts mostly posts about her beautiful outfits, personal style and some cheeky Vlogs. She has a low maintenance, fuss-free routine for her curls plus look at that gorgeous, hair colour!

Pallavi, @thecuriousjalebi

AYYY! Here’s a shameless plug-in! This is yours truly on a good hair day. I blog about curly hair too so follow me maybe? 😛 You can also subscribe away to my channel mentioned below. #NoShameIKnowMyPostsAreGood

Youtube Channel

‘Whew! Did I miss anyone? Comment and let me know their Instagram or Youtube channel and I’d love to check it out!

I hope you enjoy following all of these inspirational women mentioned above and double tap their pictures to show support.

Who knows, with your support, one of their posts manages to reach someone frustrated with her hair and she begins to enjoy her hair like we do.

And if you’re new to curly hair care, do check out this post: Curly Hair Tips For Beginners to learn how to embrace your naturally wavy curly hair.

Until next time. Jalebi out!

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    Chitra Chaudhuri (@ChitraChaudhuri)

    Wow, a bevy of beauties to follow. Thanks Pallavi, you are very kind to me, such heartfelt words.

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      So glad you liked it Chitra!

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    Angela @ Stray Curls

    Ahhhhh, I love most of these women. 😀 Including you of course. I’m going to take a peek at everyone’s blog/channel. This is so much fun. You should make more of these roundups!

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      Love you back! Yes, planning to! <3

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