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Delhi Curl Meet at Lodhi Gardens by Indian Curl Pride

Hey there!

Last Sunday (25th November) saw many people (25+!) with wavy, curly & kinky textures come together at Lodhi Gardens, to meet each other, share their curly hair woes and how they have learned to embrace it.

It was overwhelming to say the least, but absolutely fun. To everyone who told me how they came across my blog and what they liked – thank you, it means the world!

Delhi Curl Meet

SO many textures sitting together – we drew several glances from other people in the garden, especially when Deepika Joshi(from @desicurly) did a live styling session.

“Can my wife also get these curly hairs?”, one person asked! 😜

I was on another agenda though – I really wanted to take photographs of all the attendees to show you how many different textures there actually are, and how each of them carries it so brilliantly and with confidence.

I don’t like how this blog theme does large scale photographs but you can go right or left via the arrow buttons on the image (hover your mouse) on top of this post.



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    Priyanka Arora

    Waoo pallavi this is such a great opportunity to meet other curly bloggers …so when r v getg the next meetup?

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      Ill update about the next one on Instagram!

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