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Curly Hair Routine Diary Series – No.2

Curly Hair Routine Diary Series 2

Back at it again with another curly hair routine post! Did you like the previous post in this series? I hope it helped you learn what products I use and how I use them on a regular basis to get the results you see on my Instagram.

I’m going to do these posts on my good & bad days so it’s easier to track (for you and me) the difference in results with different products.

Plus, no hunting for where you can get the products- I’ve linked each one.

Ps- If you have also just started your curly hair journey- I would strongly suggest you keep a diary for yourself. Note down what you’re using and how it affect s your waves and curls. It will help you keep track of what products give you different results and accordingly build the best routine for your hair type. I learned this helpful tip from my dear friend Linz 🙂

So, this Easter, (Happy Easter to you ) I had a great wash day! Check out the pictures to see why!

Curly hair

My curls were soft and moisturised & smelled wonderful.

Especially since I got a hair cut, my hair looks thicker & more voluminous. I also realized I don’t need as much product as before.  And I didn’t even use my ecostyler or bodyshop gel- I used a DIY Recipe! 😮

Find out my product line up for this wash day below!

indian curly hair

Products Used

1. Wow Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Wow Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

This shampoo is pocket-friendly & CG friendly (no sulphates & no silicones). It’s very popular among the curly hair community in India. But, I do have readers who find this dries up their scalp. Since I have a scalp prone to oiliness and dandruff, this shampoo works in my favour. Unfortunately I do also have to use a LOT to feel like I’ve cleansed it properly since it hardly lathers. But for people looking for shampoos under Rs.500 – this is a great choice. I will give this a proper review soon so stay tuned!

Price: Rs.399

Buy Wow Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo Online

2. Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Aloe Hydrating Masque

Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Aloe Hydrating Masque

Soooo good this is! A big-ass tub filled with creamy deep conditioner. Even though this is a hair mask, you can also use it as a conditioner. Our dry, frizzy hair will reward us for it! This is also LOVED by so many of my readers – hence I’ve tested this product for the last 2 months to review for you guys. For this price & quantity- it’s definitely a great choice. 

Do remember that this HAS isopropyl alcohol, which in a CG Routine is NOT ALLOWED. BUT, like Loreal Smooth Intense conditioner, this ingredient is at the end of the list – which means there is less than 1% of it in the tub. I have not find this to dry out my hair at all & I personally think it’s okay to use if you are following a CG routine. It’s the best you can do for CG in this budget, price point and quantity.

But if you’re a CG Purist – Skippity skip this! Ps- this may also be TOO moisturizing for wavier or lighter curls- can weigh your hair down.

I have reviewed the product and made a video on how I apply it to my curls to show how it melts the tangles & knots in my hair- don’t forget to check that out!

Price: Rs. 490 (In Stores)

Buy Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Aloe Hydrating Masque Online

3. Cantu Curl Activator

My go to curl cream! I do need to get  a leave in conditioner before I use this but unfortunately I’m out. So it’s only  this cream currently to style my curls followed with a gel. Find my review of this curl cream below with steps on how to use it on YOUR hair, complete with a helpful video tutorial.

Cantu Curl Activator Review

Price: Rs.600- Rs.1400 (buy it when it’s on the lower range)

Buy Cantu Curl Activator Online

4. DIY Flaxseed Gel 

Flaxseed Gel

A DIY miracle for wavy & curly people the world over! Flaxseed gel is SO CHEAP, natural and hardly takes any time to make. I always recommend this to readers who can’t afford to buy so many expensive products together. Also, irrespective of where you stay, getting flaxseeds is far more easier than finding special curly hair products.

I used this for this wash day and was STUNNED at how good the results were! The gel is light but does give a cast which helps to protect my curls from the heat & humidity. My friend who came over to make this gel for me, (I’m super lazy about DIY solutions sometimes 😅) also added lemongrass essential oil to the flaxseed gel to make it smell wonderful.

Want to make this at home? I would definitely recommend this, especially when you’re just starting & don’t want to splurge on products. Watch the video below to learn how, it’s from another favourite Youtuber of mine.

Price: Rs.425

Buy Flaxseed Online

indian curly hair

Steps in my Curly Hair Routine

Here’s how I used these products quickly before heading out. These steps my look like they take a long time but honestly after years of doing this, washing and styling my hair doesn’t take me more than 25-30 minutes!

  1. Applied Wow Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo to only my scalp.
  2. Used a shampoo brush to cleanse my scalp properly and rinsed it out.
  3. Divide my hair into 2 sections and applied Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Aloe Hydrating Masque.
  4. Used my fingers to detangle gently (the slip of this mask really reduces my detangling time) followed with a wide comb. I Rinsed out the conditioner out completely.
    Ps- If you want to get fatter clumps, try Squish to Condish method in the shower. But do remember this does have Isopropyl alcohol so leaving this conditioner in your hair should be tested. If you find it dries your hair, use it only as a conditioner and deep conditioner and not as a leave in. Again, I don’t think this will cause any dryness because the amount of this ingredient is too less in the product.
  5. I divided my hair into sections when it was still wet and smoothed on my Cantu Curl Activating Cream.
  6. I used my denman brush to distribute the curl cream & to get shiny, curl clumps.
  7. I applied my flaxseed gel generously (praying method) to my hair.
  8. I used a t shirt to scrunch up small sections of my hair. Once you do this, you will begin to see the curls shrink into shape.
  9. I diffused my hair on low heat and cold.
  10. I removed the light gel cast by taking some oil in my palms and scrunching up like I did with the tshirt. I also took my finger tips and fluffed the hair at the roots.


indian curly hair

And Voila! Look at the shine and definition, just with Cantu and flaxseed gel! So happy with this DIY. I’m going to try  different versions of it and will let you guys now my favourite recipe.

So, now it’ your turn. Have you used any of these products? Did they suit your hair or turn it into a mess? Let me know in the comments below. IF you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask me here, DM me on Instagram or drop me a mail at I’d love to help!

Until next time!

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    Hey Pallavi. You recommended this exact same routine for me in January. I have been following it rigorously since then. I stay in Bombay and my problem is dry and frizzy hair and my curl pattern is lost. I oil my hair regularly and wash it every 4 days. I don’t know what it is wrong but the volume of my hair is now half of what it was earlier. My hair has become thin and it’s almost like non existent. Please help me. I read negative reviews about the Wow shampoo and they all faced exreme hairfall issues. Please reply asap.

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      Hi Pranita, can you drop me me an email regarding your routine? Let’s figure out what is not working out for your hair and how to make it better.

  • Reply
    Susan Deborah Selvaraj

    Hi Pallavi:

    “I used a t shirt to scrunch up small sections of my hair. Once you do this, you will begin to see the curls shrink into shape.”

    This is where I need some help. I can never manage this step effectively

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      What seems to be the issue Susan?

  • Reply
    Sharon j

    You look amazing.. and thank you for starting the journal. It helps me understand your daily routine. Did u scrunch only after applying the gel?

    • Reply
      Pallavi Juneja

      Thanks Sharon! I’m glad. And yes, scrunched after applying gel!

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