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Meet Komal Malik, First Devacurl Inspired Stylist From Pakistan & Founder of Curl Talk Pakistan

Komal Malik Curly Hair Routine

I LOVE how the curly hair community is growing in South Asia. From finding out about Anjana, Asha, Liz and Indian Curl Pride & then stumbling upon Pakistan’s incredible Facebook group for curlies called Curl Talk Pakistan has been so rewarding. I chanced upon it through Komal Malik & read about the group she moderates in her bio.

It was an eureka moment. I had a few readers who had come to me asking for product recommendations in Pakistan and I could FINALLY redirect them to people who were practicing the Curly Girl Method in the country itself!

And recently in a chat with Komal for @tcjfeatured, she mentioned how she had just come from her training at DevaCurl Academy and is now Pakistan’s FIRST Deva Curl Inspired stylist! She also got a hair cut from the founder of the academy Denis Dasilva.

Find out her tips on curly hair care & her detailed routine in this edition of The Curious Column. Let’s go!

The Curious Column With Komal Malik

I’ve been following the Curly Girl Method for the past 9 months now. It has not only changed my hair, but it’s changed my life.

I am currently in New York and I attended the DevaCurl Academy last month. I’m the first Devainspired stylist from Pakistan, and my journey has been absolutely fabulous 🙏🏼❤🌀

Komal Malik

I was called in as a Devacurl Model last week, and I got a haircut from #DenisDasilva , who is the founder of Devacurl. It was a fabulous experience and he is an absolute sweetheart.

Komal Malik With Denis DaSilva

Komal With Denis DaSilva, Founder of Devacurl

The next day I got my hair Color from Vida, who is my teacher/mentor and a senior stylist at the Devachan Salon.

It takes about two weeks to a month for the hair to settle down after a dry cut and Color, as the curls go in shock.

Komal Malik with Vida, Senior Devacurl Stylist

Komal with Vida, Senior Devacurl Stylist

Komal Malik’s Curly Hair Routine

I apply my products to wet hair but not soaking wet, as I prefer more volume in comparison to curl definition.

Komal Malik Curly Hair

  1. I applied a blend of fenugreek, egg, linseed (Flaxseed), rosemary, amla and lavender oil to my scalp and left it overnight.
  2. Co washed with Devacurl No Poo Decadence and conditioned with Deva Curl One Condition Decadence (only applied it to the length of my hair) and that’s when I detangled it using a wide tooth comb and mostly my fingers. Rinsed it out completely.
  3. Applied NYM Natural’s Tahitian Gardenia Flower and Mango Butter conditioner and raked it into my hair.
  4. Raked in Not Your Mother’s Naturals (NYMN) Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter Curl Defining Combing Cream into my hair.
  5. Raked the John Freida Frizz Ease Mousse into my hair.
  6. Applied the Kinky Curly Curling Custard (KCCC) using praying hands with my head flipped upside down.
  7. Scrunched my hair with a t shirt and then with my hands. By this time my hair had started drying already.
  8. I parted my hair and then diffused it upside down using the Xtava Black Orchid diffuser ( took me 15 minutes).
  9. There wasn’t much of a cast as I had diffused my hair right away, but I still used a damp t shirt to SOTC.
  10. I used 3 drops of Shea Moisture Argan Oil and massaged my scalp with it.

Before SOTC

My tip is to apply product in wet/damp hair, not soaking wet, if you want volume and don’t mind a little frizz. For more definition, apply products in the shower or on soaking wet hair.

Tips For Coloured Curly Hair

Coloured Curly Hair

When you color your hair basically you lose protein. If you have coloured your hair, try using hair products with small proteins ( hydrolysed proteins; such as rice protein, collagen, keratin, wheat protein, biotin etc.) as these penetrate into the hair shaft easily.

Do a deep treatment before the Color and after 48 hours of the color. Also, you can use Olaplex 3 after the color as a treatment. The Neutral Protein filler too can be mixed to the dye as well as its CG safe.

If you have been doing the CG method for more than 4 months then you can do a Gelatin treatment as well which works wonders.

Remember, you need to be careful though because coming back from protein overload is very tough.

Gelatin Treatment For Coloured Curly Hair

  1. Mix 2 tsps of Gelatin and 10-15 table spoons of boiling hot water with 5-7 splashes of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) as well as it binds the proteins together. Without the ACV it won’t be effective.
  2. Dissolve the mixture in the hot water and apply it to the hair quickly (it gets stiff super quick so needs to be done fast) and leave it on your hair for 45 minutes to an hour.
  3. Wash it out and do a deep treatment right away.
  4. Or mix this treatment to a CG conditioner or deep conditioner and then apply it to your hair.


Do not do this treatment before at least three months into the CG method as going back from a protein overload is very difficult and you might suffer breakage. Gelatin treatment is very strong so be careful. If one is protein sensitive they should incorporate protein products instead and do a mayo mask.

Komal Malik’s Holy Grail Products

Komal Malik Curly Hair Routine

My holy grail products are :

  1. DevaCurl Decadence as a conditioner
  2. Tresemme Undone is number 2 ( that’s available in Pakistan).
  3. I love the Kinky Curly Curling Custard as a custard. Locally I love home made Flax seed gel with a few drops of any Essential Oil of your choice (won’t recommend the tea tree oil as it can be drying for some. I personally love lavender and rosemary and not more than 3 drops.

Budget Products For Curly Girls in Pakistan

Komal Malik

Start with one conditioner for co washing and as a leave in conditioner both to see what your hair likes. Using two conditioners can be confusing so keep it simple.

Sauve Essentials, Tresemme Botanique Coconut and Aloe Vera ( only the approved one from the Botanique range) and any Vo5 conditioner are great options.

Concentrate on moisture in the first three months. Revlon Flex is also CG safe but it has proteins in it so that can be incorporated later on.

How Curl Talk Pakistan Started

Komal Malik

I hated my hair all my life and randomly one day, I searched on Facebook and found a co washing group. I got the curly girl hand book and started the method. On the international group I met a few other curlies from Pakistan and then after seeing a HUGE change in my hair I decided to make my own Facebook group. That’s how Curl Talk Pakistan came into existence.

I’m strict with the rules of the group and that’s how it’s pretty organised (thank God). So that’s the story.

And there you have it peeps! I hope this helps you, especially if you live in Pakistan & are struggling with what products you can get. Do check out Curl Talk Pakistan if you want more help and advice about following the CG Method.


Some of the Amazon links in the post can be affiliate links which means if you buy the product using that link, I earn a tiny commission, at zero cost to you. This coffee money helps me keep the website running and afford new curly hair products to try out for you guys. 🙂

Thank you Komal for patiently answering my questions & sending detailed tips! You can get to know her and her tips better on her Instagram. She’s also working on her Youtube Channel so stay tuned for that! <3

Another edition done and another already on it’s way! 😉 Until next post peeps. I’ll see you guys till then on my Instagram for more quick updates and tips!

Jalebi Out!

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    Hey Pallavi

    A big thanks to you for sharing this post. Now the only problem is these products are not delivered to pakistan and im in dire need to help my curly locks.

    Can you suggest some way i can order them here?

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      Pallavi Juneja

      Join their FB group Curl Talk pakistan! They have a list of places you can buy products from!

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