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My Favourite Leave-in-Conditioners in India for Curly Hair

September 26, 2016

Note: I no longer use any of these leave in conditioners. I have switched to a CG friendly routine & now use either of these three products. That said, these three creams are still great for curly hair if you aren’t fussy about CG.

Curly hair needs a good leave in conditioner like one needs a sweater in winters.

Without it, it poofs up with frizz & becomes rough & damaged, rife with split ends. It is essential while styling my hair post shower because curly hair needs moisture & if it doesn’t get it from the inside, it will suck in moisture from the environment & oh! make a halo of frizz. Remember- you DO NOT rinse this out of your hair.
When I learnt about this requirement in a curly hair routine back in college- I was stumped because I didnโ€™t know what to get. The bloggers I read and saw suggested products that either I could not get in India or costed a bomb. When youโ€™re living on your parents money in college, anything above Rs. 1000 was just downright unfathomable.
The ONLY product I found then was from Bodyshop India- a curling cream that they discontinued just months after the discovery. In panic, after its demise, I bought a ridiculously expensive mousse (almost 3 grand) from Kerastase which Iโ€™m sorry to say, sucked. Greatly. Maybe it works for curly hair that’s thinner than mine but I wasnโ€™t happy.

Then Sephora opened & introduced me to the Ouidad line. I started working in my first job as well. I could finally afford a product I used to hear about online. And to their credit- the leave in & Anti- Humidity gel (despite a funky smell) worked wonders. Then THAT stopped selling in Sephora too. Sigh.
I ended up lost again, without a product at hand. I made a DIY Leave in- which worked juuust okay.
Then I met these 3 products online. All hail this holy trinity.(And Flipkart & Amazon India)

  1. (OGX) Organix Moroccan Curl Perfection Defining Cream (Rs 725 approx)
  2. BBLUNT High Definition Curl Curl Defining Leave in Cream (Rs. 500 approx)
  3. Garnier Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-in Conditioning Cream (Rs 900 approx).

The BBlunt High Definition Curl Curl Defining Leave in Cream has my heart for 2 reasons- it is always available somewhere, especially in an everyday departmental store (itโ€™s an Indian made product by Adhuna Akhtar) and itโ€™s the most affordable one out of the lot without losing out on quality and effectiveness. Perfect for building a curly hair routine with a budget.

The Moroccan curl perfection cream has a creamy consistency & makes your hair smell like youโ€™ve had it washed from a Salon. Iโ€™ve found it works better for thinner curly hairโ€“ 2C to 3A. Itโ€™s lighter on the hair & does not weigh it down. So if youโ€™re looking for a moisturizing leave-in conditioner that does not let the hair become limp- try this one out. In my curly/wavy-haired fam, my mom has been using this for more than 6 months now.

My fav? No. 3! I LOVE the Garnierย Sleek and Shineย since it smells incredible (fruity, tropical smell) & gives my curls really great hold, even when I skip the gel. My hairโ€™s also shinier and one bottle lasts me at least 2 months. So even with that price, it is worth it.

Do note that only the Morrocan Curling perfecting cream is CG Friendly, ie, without sulphates & silicones.

So there you have it! Iโ€™d recommend these 3 blindly to anyone who asks me how to take care of their curly hair. If you want to see aย video of how to apply the leave in conditionerโ€“ check this out.

You can watch my full video routine tutorial here:

For my curly hair routine & other product recommendations, click here.
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